Starting Over

Well its been a long time, and I’ve finally stopped denying the fact that I need to lose weight. I know how Weight Watchers works I’ve done it many times with success, but for some reason I am dragging my feet about starting it this time. How do you stay motivated and keep yourself on […]


I’m so very new to WW. What Weight Watchers food do you enjoy or are your must haves? From the regular grocery store? From the official store? (like the stuff they sell at the meetings?) Answers: Smart ones I get the smart ones frozen meals and they are surprisingly good for frozen meals! I’m vegetarian […]


Core, What exactly is it? I haven’t actually joined Weight Watchers, I’m just following it myself with a friend, so I don’t know everything about the program and I have seen a lot of you mention core recipes and such and I was wondering what it is. Answers: I have been on Core for 11 […]


We went to the beach over the weekend and I fell down the stairs of the hotel yesterday when we were leaving. I twisted both of my ankles pretty badly, I’m pretty sure they are both sprained. Anyway, they are really swollen and painful, so I can’t walk or do any real exercising until they […]

Flex vs Core

I am pretty new to Weight Watchers and haven’t heard about the core. What is the difference between the two? Answers: Flex is the program most do; it’s based on eating a certain number of “points” for your weight. Core allows you to eat “as much as you need to feel satisfied (not stuffed!)” of […]


Has anybody tried the lemonade diet? I’m debating it with an active toddler, I don’t know if I can survive off drinks for 10 days. Any suggestions ladies. Thanks Answers: I attempted it, I made it about 3 days. It was too difficult for me though because I have type one diabetes. Just be careful […]


Has anyone come across an Energy Bar, Nutrition Bar, or Meal Replacement Bar [or drink] that you like and doesn’t sabotage your points? I often need a snack to grab mid-afternoon when I am doing my stay at home mum running around stuff. I need something to give me a little pick me up and […]


I am starting the Acai Berry supplement from GNC and was curious if anyone knows on someone who got real results using this. It is all over teh internet as the greatest weight loss supplement. Answers: I was wondering about it to. let me know how it goes. I was kinda wondering about this one […]


The past 5 days have been some bad choices for me. Geeze why is loosing a measly 16 pds seem to be a marathon and a never ending journey. I started out needing to loose 16 now I need to loose only 14. I messed up i have been doing Weight Watchers for now 6 […]


I hope this doesn’t seem dumb. I’ve seen mention of week 1 books, etc. I’m Weight Watchers online right now (my mum paid for a set number of months and I think it will be ending soon), With my birthday in January, Valentines in February and anniversary in March I am really considering asking hubby […]