Diets FAQs


Has anybody tried the lemonade diet? I’m debating it with an active toddler, I don’t know if I can survive off drinks for 10 days. Any suggestions ladies. Thanks Answers: I attempted it, I made it about 3 days. It was too difficult for me though because I have type one diabetes. Just be careful […]

cooking for family

Do you all cook your family a different meal than you or does everyone eat the same thing? I have two little ones 5 and 6 and they can be picky, they like “kid food”. Just curious how everyone does it. Answers: We all eat the same thing. What are some examples of meals that […]


I’m torn! I made a lifestyle change in 2012. I’ve been watching my food intake, joined, eating whole grain products, no caffeine, no HFCS and eating 3 small meals with 2-3 snacks per day. So far I’ve lost 35 pounds and I have 39 (or more) to go to be at a healthy weight. […]

ATKINS bake mix

I was just looking at it online for 12.99 for a 2 lb bag. the reviews I read were not good. has anyone tried this? it is cheaper than carbquick – but I think carbquick is quite good. Answers: I looked for it locally and no one around here carries it. That price seems pretty […]


Staying motivated is so important when you’re trying to eat right and exercise I find I have to remind myself throughout the day why I am doing this, like, I want a flippin bra that fits right, or my back to not hurt all day or to not cringe when my hubby puts his hands […]


I seem to yo-yo a lot..I get all gun ho about this diet and then I get all “Oh it can’t be good for you”  back and forth! I’ve gone off of it a lot last week…I’m totally stressed due to my sister, she is not very well at the moment. Last night I blew […]


Hi all I’m new here and I need some help. I’ve been looking for anyone who has been on a low/no carb diet because I’m planning on starting one next month. a friend of mine used herbalife shakes and pills to lose weight and she lost over 100 lbs. she did this along with cutting […]


Does anyone have a good chilli recipe that low carbers and non low carbers would like? Answers: I do my chilli like normal, but without beans for me.  I take some out for myself and then add canned kidney beans to hubby’s chilli.I use ground beef, diced tomatoes, a little bit of crushed tomatoes, diced […]


Do any of you suffer from severe migraines on the Atkins diet. I am not sure if it is my arthritis meds or what but the headaches are debilitating. Currently I have one. It starts with aura issues and ocular migraines followed by sharp pains in the middle of my head and my teeth hurt, […]


To everyone on Atkins loseing serious pounds, how much are you exercising? I exercise about 30 minutes whenever I can but I wanted to know how everyone else is doing? Thanks! Answers: Not much exercise here. I do some in my pool, but nothing over the top! I started Atkins on Monday, but I haven’t […]