Atkins Bake Mix – Has Anyone Tried It?

ATKINS bake mixI was just looking at it online for 12.99 for a 2 lb bag. the reviews I read were not good. has anyone tried this? it is cheaper than carbquick – but I think carbquick is quite good.


I looked for it locally and no one around here carries it. That price seems pretty high. I can’t find carbquick around here either so I have no idea.

I ordered carbquick online, and it was around £10 for 3 lbs. I loved it-and now I’m out of it. nobody around me carries anything but the stupid bars..

I’ve never used either one.

What do you use it for?

I love carbquick, and definitely think it was worth the money. the most I ever used it for was pizza(yum!) and pancakes(yum too) making myself crave more stuff. I just thought about it- you could probably use it for dumplings in something like chicken soup! there are tons of recipes on the box.

Oh cool, so it’s like flour?

Exactly- it’s like bisquick

I haven’t tried either one.

That’s really expensive and I hate to spend the money. I saw a recipe for a bake mix that is supposed to be like the Atkins mix but can’t remember where I saw it. does Blaine on FitTV have any recipes for bread? I also like Laura Dolson on she is diabetic and they even have a discussion group on there similar to ours. go to and click on low carb. You can sign up for newletters too maybe that’s where I saw the recipe for the mix. In the discussion group people share info on recipes, substitutes, etc.

I cant find most of the ingredients that are in those recipes. all the flours, etc.