Does The Atkins Diet Give You A Headache?

Atkins-DietDo any of you suffer from severe migraines on the Atkins diet. I am not sure if it is my arthritis meds or what but the headaches are debilitating. Currently I have one. It starts with aura issues and ocular migraines followed by sharp pains in the middle of my head and my teeth hurt, and it feels like someone is pulling on the back of my eye balls! OUCH!

Is it Atkins or my meds? do any of you notice headaches while on Atkins?


Have the doctor check your meds. Sometimes they need to adjust the dosage depending on your weight loss. Ive been getting migraines lately but mine I think are just from the heat.

Ahhh you know sadly I didnt think about that… thanks! I bet my weight loss could have something to do with that…. awesome thanks.