How Can I Stop Yo-Yo Dieting?

yo-yo-dietingI seem to yo-yo a lot..I get all gun ho about this diet and then I get all “Oh it can’t be good for you”  back and forth! I’ve gone off of it a lot last week…I’m totally stressed due to my sister, she is not very well at the moment. Last night I blew it big time! I had 3 margaritas,  spaghetti not low carb! and then POP CORN. I even messed up my daughters diet. today I feel bad about myself.


I’m sorry you are having all this worry and stress over your sister.  Don’t beat yourself up about it and move on  you can do it  you slipped and now today you get back on plan.

I agree with not letting it derail you.  If we had our stuff together, food-wise, we wouldn’t be here, having to re-teach ourselves.  So, face the fact that we will have to follow a learning curve.  It’s a way of life,and you have your whole life to work on it.

Now, what exactly are you concerned about regarding the healthfulness of the diet?  Dr. Atkins was a cardiologist. Millions of people have improved their check-ups at the doctors, rather than just losing weight.  Also, low carb dieting is muscle sparing.  Low fat diets and severe calorie restriction result in muscles wasting.  We’re here to answer questions like this, but some reading would help even more.  Have you read Atkins’ books?  How about Protein Power?  Doctor Eades is very good at explaining metabolism for the lay person.  Many Atkins followers read both him and Dr. Atkins for a full picture of the science and nutrition behind these plans.  Oh, and Gary Taubes’ Good Calories, Bad Calories is also really easy to read and understand.

Finally, I agree that the yo-yo is bad, but I can’t help thinking it’s worse to stay very much overweight.  I don’t know you because I’m new here.  Do you have much to lose?

I’m 5’4″ and 238-240 I’ve read the books, but you know how is goes so say Low fat is health and low carbs are not, and back and forth! Heck, when I told my MIL I was starting this she yelled Oh NO NOT THAT and said she knew people who have died from it! (I don’t believe her) Then I reminded her that her family has a HUGH history of Diabetes. and that shut her up..but it still makes me waffle.

That’s when you don’t tell the family what your up to…lol My husband eats whatever i put in front of him…lol  this is my second go around on the diet and the first time i lost 20 pounds within 3 months and then i went back to eating my olds ways and gained it back plus about 30 of its friends.   I told my sister i was back on and she applauded me…she too has tried the diet and it worked for her.