How Do I Keep Myself Motivated?

motivationStaying motivated is so important when you’re trying to eat right and exercise I find I have to remind myself throughout the day why I am doing this, like, I want a flippin bra that fits right, or my back to not hurt all day or to not cringe when my hubby puts his hands on my bulging hips or belly ugh! not to mention wearing cute clothes again and feeling good, my list could go on and on. But I wonder what’s your motivation?


My motivations are the same as your, I have lost 38 lbs since June and I do need to keep reminding myself how much better I feel and look, but I tell you it’s hard some days when certain foods just seem to call to me quite loudly I might add, ha ha ha

I’m getting older like everybody is and being overweight makes you look really frumpy. I can’t stop the ageing but I can get back in shape so I can wear decent clothes and look good. Yes, some days seem impossible but Atkins is the way to go imo. I’d like to be able to look at a pic of me and not cringe. I don’t look that fat in the mirror. They say the camera adds 10 lbs but it looks like more than that to me.

I started in Sept at 311 lbs. I am now 276 and still have a LONG road ahead of me. I have hypothryoidism and couldn’t lose weight at all on low fat/low calorie diets, I kept gaining. I did Atkins years ago and lost weight so I thought I should try it again. I started losing! I’ve stuck with it and have lost 40 pounds so far. I want to be healthy and would like to have another child soon, I didn’t want to be pregnant at 300 pounds.