How Much Exercise Should I Do On The Atkins Diet?

exercise-To everyone on Atkins loseing serious pounds, how much are you exercising? I exercise about 30 minutes whenever I can but I wanted to know how everyone else is doing? Thanks!


Not much exercise here. I do some in my pool, but nothing over the top!

I started Atkins on Monday, but I haven’t started exercising yet. I’m planning on going for walks and doing a pilates dvd, but it’s been so hot and muggy down here in the south, I don’t want to go outside let alone go for a walk in it, lol. So I need to do the pilates dvd! I’m going to aim at working out for 30 minutes/day

I do about 6 hours of NEAT when at work and about 30 minutes of standing ab and weight training, then maybe another 30 minutes of seated bicyle and/or swimming at home.

I walk 2 miles and workout with my personal gym 10 minutes a day! For rainy days I have a mini eliptical and gazelle.