What Are The Pros And Cons Of The Atkins Diet?

Atkins-DietI’m torn! I made a lifestyle change in 2012. I’ve been watching my food intake, joined SparkPeople.com, eating whole grain products, no caffeine, no HFCS and eating 3 small meals with 2-3 snacks per day. So far I’ve lost 35 pounds and I have 39 (or more) to go to be at a healthy weight. I’ve been contemplating doing Atkins for some time now but I’m not sure I can live with it for the rest of my life. Do you all feel deprived?

What are the positives and negatives? I’ve been trying to eat more meat and veggies and not as many carbs but I don’t seem to feel as full as I do when I eat a whole grains with my meals. Any advice?


As a person who binge ate and craved sugar and food period, I love atkins. It makes me feel full and I can eat no carbs if I’ve reached my carb limit for the day. It has curbed my obsessive eating habits and cravings. Like my mouth would water at the thought of sugar. I’m doing good so far 3 weeks into atkins and have lost 12 lbs.

I’ve been on Atkins for over a year and know I will be on it for the rest of my life. After the first week or so the not full feeling goes away because you get rid of the roller-coaster blood sugar levels. Nice thing is on Atkins is you can eat as much as you want during a day, you just have to steer clear of the carbs.

For me and I am just returning to this group (after being very successful on the atkins). The problem I had is something kept saying this isn’t healthy. The media, accuses fat as being the culprit. After going OFF the atkins to “eat healthy” I gained 20 pounds, my blood pressure skyrocketed! I am not saying the Atkins is the best plan for Everyone, but for me , dieting for life and being insulin resistant, the atkins is my health savior! The media is getting more lo carb friendly now and as a nation, we did not get FAT on meat, we got fat on all the processed foods, combining starches and sugars with high fat, and eating high fructose corn syrup in excessive amounts.