Any Exercises You Can Do Lying Down?

Exercises-Lying-DownWe went to the beach over the weekend and I fell down the stairs of the hotel yesterday when we were leaving. I twisted both of my ankles pretty badly, I’m pretty sure they are both sprained. Anyway, they are really swollen and painful, so I can’t walk or do any real exercising until they are feeling better. Anyone that has injured their ankles before knows that it can take a REALLY LONG TIME to heal. Anyone have any ideas for exercises or stretches or anything that I can do while sitting or lying down?



All I can think of is weight training for your arms and crunches for your abs.

This may help a lot of us:


There’s a workout called ALPHercise but I like to call it Couch Potato Workout. It’s normally done:

  • Standing up with your feet apart (sit down if you can’t stand), arms extended with a small weight (I’d start off with a soup can, plus it’s cheaper than buying a 3lb or 5lb weight)
  • Then you trace large capital letters from A to Z.

You’re actually working everything from arms, to abs, to legs, to back!. I didn’t know that I should start with a soup can an ran for the 5lb weights. Please I’m not going to lie, I couldn’t get past J.

  • Then you sit on your butt lift your feet together and trace the alphabet.
  • With my legs I got to O. It’s sound easy and to some it is.

I call it Couch Potato Workout because I use to do it during commercial breaks when a certain show was on.

I also agree with crunches. You can also add dumbbells to your work out. It’s good for sitting.

If you belong to a gym maybe they have those stationary bicycles that you use your arms to pedal instead of your legs.

This is what I do when my knee is bothering me. You can get up a good sweat after about 15 minutes!

Tai chi

My sister-in-law is an activities director for a nursing home and this is what she does for her residents (most are wheelchair bound or can’t stand for extended times): Tai chi. No, it doesn’t make you sweat like aerobics, but it is good for balance, stretching, strength, etc. Most of the moves can be modified for those who can’t stand. She looks online and finds ideas there. Once your doctor gives the ok, start slow so you don’t re-injure yourself. Oh, and you could try swimming too. Just slide into the pool and go. You’ll really work your arms, chest, and back since you won’t have much use of your legs for kicking. Hope you feel better soon!

I have never heard of this but it sounds FABULOUS! I have major issues with my back so it seems that any time I have tried any type of exercise I end up with an aching back, this exercise may be the solution to my problem. THANKS.

OMG I have back issues, too! This is SO easy to do and believe it or not but I learned it from a Weight Watchers meeting. There was a woman there that HATED the gym. You have NO idea. We’ll someone there recommended this for health issues (i.e. our backs) and those who choose not to go to the gym.

Like I said I jumped the gun and bought a 5lb ball from Walmart. This was me

Just follow the program

I had rotator cuff surgery in April, about 3 months after starting the program. I was laid up for a while and on heavy pain meds that made me sleepy. I really didn’t get to exercise much at all, I just made sure I followed the program and drank extra water. I still managed to loose even while laid up. just find some activity you can do laying or sitting down and just be more aware of you lack of activity. If you use your bonus points usually maybe now would be a good time to not. Anyway good luck with your ankles, here’s hoping for a speedy recovery.

I am so going to try this! It sounds easy but I know it isn’t going to be! I can’t believe you got to O with your legs, you must have some strong abs! I’ll be lucky if I get to C haha.

On the contrary, I have stomach issues AND back issues. I know sucks being me. I wish my abs were strong. It takes strength and balance. I normally do the legs while I’m in the bathtub. While resting on my elbows I trace away. It’s HARD for me to get to O. After doing it for a few days my entire lower half is sore like I actually went to the gym. Truth be told I don’t always make it to O, either. Go for it! You may or may not like it. Or you can find a way to kick it up a notch. Like I learned about the standing method but I came up with the sitting method by myself.