Do I Have A Food Addiction?

I’m not sure what it is but I’m certainly started to feel defeated by my brain. I’m almost positive that its an addiction to food. And, I also have decided that I don’t realize how big I actually am. I look in the mirror after getting dressed and I usually shrug and think “ah, this will work I guess” but then later I will see a picture of myself wherever we were and I gasp…”WTF, is that really me?” I don’t honestly think that I’m HUGE, but I know that I’m overweight and really unhealthy. **sigh** here goes…..I’m 5’6″ and I weigh 195. That’s not good! I wear a size 14-16 and I’m miserable in that. We are members of a very nice gym…all the amenities that we could possibly need. A salon, a cafe, a spa, a indoor and outdoor pool, basketball courts, rock walls, childcare….its amazing. I just can’t get myself to go.

food-additionSo, back to the food addiction. I wake up every morning thinking that today will be the day to start a strict diet. I drink water, I take my vitamins, and I will eat oatmeal and a fruit, or I will eat Special K with some fruit and I’m full of energy. I start to clean and play with the kids, get showered and clean and run errands and then right about 1pm I’m STARVING! Even if I’ve eaten a snack to curb the hunger it comes with no fail. So, I eat something healthy at first, usually something like a turkey roll up or a salad but then I need more carby foods or sweets. Its awful. Then my husband gets home from work and he’s pretty hungry by then and I cook a big dinner for him and always eat too much. How do I stick to it? Where can I get my motivation?

I feel so unsexy and insecure about my body. We go to our friends and I find myself trying to hind behind a pillow on the couch or always tugging at my shirt so that its not too tight around my waist. I think, why can’t I just stop eating. When I’m around people I don’t eat very much, I don’t want people to see me eat, but, when everyone is gone…I gorge myself. Aughhhhh! Help!


Wow I do the same thing about sitting at a friends house.. I grab a pillow.. and the same thing I look in the mirror and I’m like ehhhh okay.. And when is see a picture I like wow.. that’s me yuck.. I am defiantly no help to you, but I wanted to respond so I can see what others say.. This did open my eyes.. about being addicted to food..

If possible surround yourself with healthy food. try to keep healthy snacks around healthy food in your house. post a picture of your ideal body on the fridge this way it will be a reminder to you not to open that fridge. the more healthy you are and physically fit you are the more energy you will have to spend with your children. how great would that be. your gym sounds cool with a daycare.

A healthy way to avoid over eating is to eat 5 times a day. That’s 3 meals and 2 snacks. But of course you need to try to stick to a calorie count. Your calorie intake will depend on your weight loss goals. I am a Personal Fitness Trainer & Nutritional Specialist in training and I would be willing to help you (free of charge) and put into practice the knowledge that I am acquiring.

I have the same problem. I do good on eating healthy until my hubby gets home then I start to eat junk and go down hill. And I know I should not have eat that much food or cookies because I feel over stuffed but I just can’t seem to stop myself.