Do I Need Milk To Lose Weight?

milkWhat happens if I don’t get my milk or fruits and veggies? Will I stop losing weight?


You may still lose, but these have VITAL nutrients your body MUST have. Please don’t omit them!

I’m just not a big milk person I try ill try to drink some silk before bed

Is it milk that you don’t like or all dairy? Because you can get your milk in different ways and that still counts. Yoghurt is my fave way. Also try some skim milk mixed in with instant pudding (chocolate is my choice)!

Hey hun. I find that I lose better when I am getting in those things.but I still lose without them too. I find ways to sneak veggies into my meals.adding chopped carrots, onions, and peppers to spaghetti sauce.adding lettuce tomato and onion to sandwiches, etc.As for not liking a pp said, you can get your dairy through yoghurt, cheese, cottage cheese, etc. If you prefer not to do any dairy, add a calcium supplement to your diet, calcium is so vital for women! My fave are the calcium chews, makes me feel as if I am “cheating” just a bit. Good luck to you. If you need anything else, feel free to ask. I have been doing Weight Watchers for a long time. Not because it doesn’t work but because I didn’t!