How Can I Lose My Belly?

Belly-FatI would like to lose my belly fat, everybody thinks I am pregnant but I’m not.


Belly fat is never good! One of the major contributors to belly fat is stress. When we’re under a lot of stress, we release a chemical that causes fat to retain in our midsection.

The other is of course genetics. Some people are just built that way. It’s not good, tho, because fat in the midsection affects the organs of the body. Over time it will lead to major health problems.

If you’re one of those people that tends to retain weight in your midsection, it’s very important for your health that you make some positive lifestyle changes. Eat better, get good rest (very important), and exercise (I’m still working on that goal). Those dreaded belly crunches will help!

Belly fat IS tough to lose. I workout 6 days a week with weight training and killer cardio. Although I’ve lost some of my tummy (3 inches off my waist) it is very difficult. There are different types of fat too. Some people have more visceral fat (deep fat that surrounds the organs) and that is the more dangerous fat. The loose flabby fat (like what I have) is supposedly easier to get rid of. My advise is to think about it this way: you did not gain the fat overnight, so you have to be patient in losing the fat (i.e. takes time). There are things that are KEY to reducing your belly fat. 1) Cardiovascular exercise that increases your heart rate for a sustained period will help you lose weight, reduce fat, and build muscle. In addition, you can do core (body) conditioning like crunches to build muscle (under the fat) which will help make you look and feel better.The above poster is correct. Lifestyle changes are essential. It’s not just a diet issue. So I do agree that eating properly (minimize your carb intake at each meal…too much carbs make us gain weight as we age), get enough sleep, drink LOTS of water, and exercise at least 3 days a week. I saw a nutritionist too to adjust my healthy diet and it helped me to efficiently lose weight (which my 6 day a week workout was not doing). In 8 months I’ve lost 25 lbs, but most people think I’ve lost 35 because muscle is more compact and you look smaller.