How Many Calories Per Day For Weight Loss?

how many caloriesI have not lost any weight in a while and I have tried my best to eat right and exercise. I have come to the point that I am going to have to cut my eating down and count calories. I know that I have to do this to lose weight. I have a question. I am wondering how many calories a woman should take in a day to lose weight? I am 291, and I started at 300, but now I am down and I seem to be sitting at 291.

I think that it has to do with the fact that I am just eating enough to keep me at the weight but not to go up. I am also wondering what foods are best to eat that you can eat a lot of but not get tons of calories. I know that most of you are going to say that Veggies are the way to go, yeah and that is great, but I am getting sick of veggies. Today is the first day that I am starting my cal count and this is what today looks like so far. This morning I had cereal, which was Mini wheats and I had the serving size of 14 biscuits, and half cup of 1% milk.

That added up to 340 Cal. Snack I had a yoghurt and that added up to 60 cal. I was still hungry and had some Raw Cashews about a cup and that added up to 300 Cal. (I did not think that it would be that much, but WOW!) Lunch I had a Chicken Sandwich with cheese and that added up to 348 Cal. I am thinking that I need to be at a 1,500 cal intake and to exercise to lose some weight.

I only have about 452 cals to go to be done for the day. I am still hungry from lunch and I do not dear eat anything else until dinner or I will go over my limit for the day. How do you guys do this? I don’t know how long I can stand to do this. Oh I should also say that I burned 576 calories today working out. Thanks for any advice.


It is unreal how many calories are in food. I would think you are on the right amount though. there are a lot of sites on internet that tell you just go to cal counters hit search.I did notice my lean cuisine pizza has 440 believe me it was not worth that many calories. I do love the chicken mushroom and spinach meals by lean cuisine they really fill me up. Good luck. I think everyone that needs to lose weight knows its a very hard thing to do.

I keep wondering how any one can live on them serving sizes.

I feel like I am not getting enough to eat. I mean goodness my tummy still feel empty. I really hate them meals that you can get from the store that are suppose to be for people to be on a diet. I know that they can really have as much calories as anything else. But if I can stick with this, then maybe I will be okay and lose some weight. Though I know that I am going to give this 2 months and if it does not work then I am going to go to the doctor and let her know what is going on and what else we can do. I am also taking Green Tea Gel Tabs, so I am hoping that they will help as well..Thanks for your support!

I love It will personalize everything for you and answer the questions you had in your post. And about being hungry with the serving size. You will learn a lot about this on and it tells you how to pick foods that keep you fuller longer. Check it out! you can look me up on there too if you want.

Well I do count my calories and I eat at the most 1500 calories.

I don’t really feel hungry all the time I actually spread my calories into 5-6 meals a day. I eat 100-500 cals per meal and I was getting tired of veggies as well so I started getting recipes of the internet and that way I am eating tons of veggies but a wider variety and prepared different ways some raw some cooked.for me eating 6 meals a day keeps me from feeling hungry.when I got stuck at a certain weight I freaked out and so I started having a cheat day.

Saturdays I eat whatever I want and that seems to jump start my metabolism. I also changed up my exercise routine a bit so I try to keep my metabolism from getting use to what I am doing.don’t give up you can and will do it!