How Many Calories Should You Consume While Breastfeeding?

Hi I was wondering while breastfeeding and trying to loose weight how many calories should you have. I know everyone is different, I am 24 years old 5″3′ and 167 lbs should I stay whithin the 2,000 cal a day? I was just wondering, any input I would appreciate! Thanks


If Your trying to loose weight you need to eat less calories( under 2000 a day).  I have breastfed 4 out of 5 of my kids and  I  just eat when I am hunger and still produce more than enough milk while also loosing weight. I was at 135lbs and Now I am at 129 after 4 month  of giving birth to my son,its a slow process but the weight does come off.

Do you eat a special diet? My baby is 5 weeks, and I am gaining weight, but I do supplement with formula.

I asked my doctor about this calorie diet right after I had my second son and he said it was the best way. take the amount of calories you are to have a day and then add 200-250 extra for breastfeeding.. also try and eat healthier.. I have done this for 8 months now , when I went in to have my son I weighed 196 and now I am 145 but I think I have stopped losing weight, but I have not gained I’ve stayed the same. I think my body got used to what my calorie intake is but I don’t want to go down anymore cause I am breastfeeding.. I do 1600 calories then add 200 for breastfeeding.. it is hard the first two weeks I wrote every single think I ate down for a month so I could know exactly how to do it, now I can tell how many calories are in something before I eat it.. when I quit breastfeeding I will still do this but lower my calories. I think this is the best and safest way of losing weight fast..i hope this helps.

Thank you. How do you find out how many calories you are suppose to have?

I have been wearing a body bugg and it said I was burning 2600 calories a day by sitting around the house and breast feeding.

To find out how much calories a day I just went to google and asked how many calories I need a day , then it came up then I just added about 200 extra for breastfeeding.