How To Lose Weight For Free?

freeI cant afford anything to help me lose weight but my body doesn’t like losing weight on its own easily. What kind of diet should I get on for the best results?


I don’t think you should get on any diet. Seriously, just change how you eat, if you eat 3 meals a day try eating 6 small meals a day. I started a food journal on 7/24 and I am down 9.2lbs as of today. I found out how many calories I should be eating and I just stay within my calories. I don’t eat white rice,white bread or white pasta all whole grains and I gave up pop that’s the only changes I’ve made, I don’t really eat beef or pork either. I go to the gym 4x a week and exercise 2 additional days with a DVD, but if you can’t afford these get a DVD from the library and exercise with that. I started going to the gym in June but didn’t see results until after keeping the food journal. Try 6 meals ranging from 200-500 calories and I’m sure you will see results. Good luck ( if you already do this I’m sorry if I told you something you already know)