I Need Help Losing Weight!

iStock_000001667800XSmallHey guys! Today while trying on clothes I had to put back a pair of size 7 jeans for a size 9/10 I have never in my life had to that. I am freaking out and need to loose 20 lbs does anyone know of a way or can anyone help me! I over eat and I’m to tired by the time I put my son to sleep I don’t have the energy to go to the gym. I have a thyroid problem so I can not take anything but all natural stuff so that it doesn’t mess with the medicines I take. It also makes it very hard to loose weight. I am 145 lbs now and It makes me crazy before my son was born I was 115 (sigh). Please help!


Don’t let it shake you Sweetie. We’re all here trying to do the same thing. I’ve got a good 20 lbs to lose myself and come hell or high water, I’ll do it. You will too. I’m trying to do a consistent weight loss by reducing my portions and cutting out the snacking. Also, a lot of us are doing Super B Complex vitamins and that seems to be curbing the appetite a bit. We’re here to help you.

Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m going to go get some super b-complex tomorrow! I have been really down lately I guess its just that time of year and when I came across this website it was something I needed more now then ever!

The important thing to remember is that weight CAN come off. I know it’s extremely difficult to be ‘overjoyed’ when you don’t feel like yourself. You know, I wouldn’t worry at all about my weight if I felt good BEING this size. I just don’t. So I figured I have two choices. I can sit around and WISH to be smaller, or I can get off of my butt and do something about it. Well, a third of the time I opt for the first option..it’s easier. Lately, I’m doing Option 2.

Here are some tips that have helped me:

  • I’ve cut out all fizzy drink
  • Drink LOTS of Water (Crystal Light)
  • Eat super slow (20-30 mins)
  • Eat smaller portions (about 1 cup)
  • Avoid breads if possible
  • Eat throughout the day, rather then eating big meals
  • Replace eating fast-food, sweets, and junk-food WITH foods that are high in protein
  • And some form of exercise, walking is good!

These are great tips. I’ve also had a thyroid problem, it’s very common and makes weight loss quite difficult at times. Stay motivated and you’ll get there. I’ve got about 20-30 to lose myself. We can do it!

Besides liking the YUMMY stuff to eat, I too have a hard time losing weight. I have had severe Asthma since the age of 3, so I’ve been put on Steroids all my life. Yes it’s hard but yes we can do it!

I have some weight I have to get off too, so try some natural supplements, I’d recommend you, but I want to see that they work and aren’t bogus first. I can’t diet because if I don’t eat every hour or so (sometimes not even that long of a time period) I get sick and end up in the ER. I’m not diabetic or anything, I just have to have food ever so often.

I weighed 98 before both my c-sections, now I’m at 156 (I put on 10 lbs over this past week being on restricted activity, I’m allowed exercise starting today, yay!) However, if I find out these work, I will so let you know. It’ll come off, it’ll take self control and making sure you stick with it.