Looking For Healthy Snack Food Ideas

snacksAfter I had my baby I need to and want to get back on my journey of losing weight and being healthier. Anyway, I am just looking for ideas on snack foods to have around instead of chips and cookies. Of course fruits and veggies, but is there anything else?


Get a bag or box of goldfish, box of wheat thins, any other small snack type foods see how many is the serving size, get those snack bag ziplock ones, and put a serving size in every one. That way when you want a snack you have the serving size and hopefully won’t over eat.

Also another good thing to keep around are those Campbell’s soup at hand, they are really low in calories and really good to sip on. I used to have the soup and goldfish snack when I was working and it was good portion control for me. I’m going to start doing that again because it’s always good to have snack around with the kids and us.

You are right about the fruits and veggies. Frozen grapes are my favourite snack right now. I also like rice cakes. Nuts are really filling. I eat tuna a lot as well. And also like the previous poster said if you are going to have less healthy snacks stick to the serving size. Did you know that a serving of ice cream is half a cup? Barely a full scoop!