Is it Possible to Lose a Lot of Weight and Not Have to Have Surgery?

alotofweightI am on a diet and am going to lose about 90lbs however I’m afraid that if I do I will have all that extra skin hanging down and have to have surgery to get rid of it. Or is it possible that if I keep working out as I’m losing the weight I will be able to get everything toned up. Are there certain exercises that work better than others? I am doing the biggest loser cardio and then biggest loser sculpting dvds alternating them then I plan on doing the boot camp and yoga one after this. then jillan michales 30 day shred. Will that be ok?


What diet are you on?

I want to lose a lot of weight to. I think that as long as your working out though that you should be ok I mean usually its the people that don’t work out when they loose weight that have the flabby skin left over. I don’t know though so.

I think it all depends on how old you are, how many pregnancies you have been through, and how long you have been overweight. About 8yrs ago I had 2 kids in 2yrs and had gained almost 100lbs. I lost it all in about 10 months. I worked out like crazy. I looked great except for that pouch you get under your belly button. Now over the years I have put the weight back on and I have lost a lot but I am really saggy. It’s all circumstances and whether you have good genes. Don’t worry so much though. You are getting healthy.

I agree with the one above,

it’s really going to depend on your genes and how your body responds to the weight loss. I’ve heard that using moisturizer and drinking a lot of water can help your skin bounce back better. But definitely, focus the most on the fact that you are getting healthy and being a healthier person for loosing the weight.

There are natural ways to firm and tone up the skin, which is not as fast as surgery, but IMO much much safer. I’m not posting that link because I’m trying to sell anything, I just want to give you another option to look into. Dramatic firming after losing 90lbs is hard to do without some sort of help. Message me if you would like more info, I really am just trying to help.