What’s A Good Mid-morning Snack?

snack_foodI’m going back to WW tomorrow morning.  My breakfasts are healthy, but don’t tide me over until lunch.  (Breakfast at 7am, lunch at noon). What’s a good snack for mid-morning?  This is one area I fail miserably in and often cave to muffins down in the office cafeteria or wander around the office for food people invariably bring in.


Try a high-fiber English Muffin (most are 2 pts.) or fruit.

Fiber one choc. cookies! yum and 1 pt. per cookie (1 sleeve fiber one cereal, ixed w/ 1 bag melted semi sweet choc. morsels. makes 24 cookies) FiberOne bar 2pts. lots of fiber and its sweet so I feel like I’m cheating!

A cup of grapes….eat them 1 at a time and they will take awhile. Or cut an apple in 8 slices and eat 1 slice every 5 mins….that will take you 40 mins to get down and it will keep you chewing. Carrots & FF Ranch dip. Pretzels & salsa. I bought a box of Kraft Bagelfuls last week and at 3 points each they kept me full all morning. They were worth the point total for me. Do you go to meetings? If so, buy the Weight Watchers Fruities. You can eat a whole pack for 1 point….keep those at your desk and when you feel tempted to look for muffins pop one in your mouth.Hope some of this helps.

I love having a fruit and a 100 calorie pack just 3 points and very filling

The TLC (Kashi) Trail Mix flavor bars are delish! And they are only 2 points. Full of healthy protein (nuts). I love them.