When can I join WW after having my baby? I’m just wondering because I want to loose the weight from my second pregnancy and also from my 1st pregnancy but I want to do it safely Answers: Part of that may depend on whether or not you are breastfeeding. Weight Watchers does have the extra […]


I am having pizza tonight and this will be very hard. I love pizza and usually I eat 4 slices. Can I eat a lot without it totally screwing my whole week up or should I only have one piece and suck it up. Any suggestions? Answers: If you know that you probably won’t be […]


I just starting Weight Watchers again. And I need some good tips to stay focused this time. The first time was I did good but after losing 16lbs I fell off. and gained that plus more. I want to stay on this and so my daughter better habits. My situation. I’m a 23yo single mum […]


I am on a diet and am going to lose about 90lbs however I’m afraid that if I do I will have all that extra skin hanging down and have to have surgery to get rid of it. Or is it possible that if I keep working out as I’m losing the weight I will […]


I ordered some Smartburn with Hoodia off of Ebay since they are cheaper on there and I’m seeing results with them. Anyway, I received a free bottle of XPEL with them. I’ve never heard of these pills, it’s supposed to help you lose water weight, something along that line. Your supposed to take 4 pills […]


I’m just curious about Curves.  Are any of y’all doing it along with Weight Watchers?  I walk (and attempt to run) 6 – 7 days a week, but I want something to amp up my routine!  I can’t really afford another program, but it’d be nice to have that trainer rooting me on!  I’ve checked […]


I weigh 195 lbs. Three times a week I do interval training and weight lifting for an hour of high intensity. That’s 8 points each, so 24 total. Well, my doctor recommended that I take a walk on the days I don’t go to the gym (I was complaining about how slowly the weight’s been […]


Right after my son was born, I instantly lost 18 of the 32 lbs I gained while pregnant. Halfway there right? WRONG! He was 2 months old when I left my retail job for a desk job. And even though I really am not a big eater, I gained weight! But I’m eating less calories […]


This is not good at all. I weighed in last night and I gained 0. 8 lb, something is wrong, I’m sick of being disappointed every week and I’m trying so hard and no results? I’m going to the doc to get my thyroid checked. Sorry I have to vent, I’m very upset Answers: Gaining, […]


Ok I have not taken a diet pill since 2002. Before I started back to Weight Watchers I got this email for a free trial for these Acai Berry pills and like a dumb a** I got them and paid the shipping and even cancelled before the allotted time, But I still got charged £48 […]