Weight Loss Aid FAQs

Questions and answers about anything from appetite suppressants, weight loss supplements and diet pills to Wii Fits and Hypnotherapy. Anything which you can use to help you lose weight.


I am starting the Acai Berry supplement from GNC and was curious if anyone knows on someone who got real results using this. It is all over teh internet as the greatest weight loss supplement. Answers: I was wondering about it to. let me know how it goes. I was kinda wondering about this one […]


I ordered some Smartburn with Hoodia off of Ebay since they are cheaper on there and I’m seeing results with them. Anyway, I received a free bottle of XPEL with them. I’ve never heard of these pills, it’s supposed to help you lose water weight, something along that line. Your supposed to take 4 pills […]


Ok I have not taken a diet pill since 2002. Before I started back to Weight Watchers I got this email for a free trial for these Acai Berry pills and like a dumb a** I got them and paid the shipping and even cancelled before the allotted time, But I still got charged £48 […]

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If any of you went to the doctors to see if they would give you diet pills how did you go about it? Are there certain requirements? I would really like to go see about taking something to help me start losing weight but I don’t know if its worth it or not. Thank you […]


I ordered some resveratrol and it should be here next week. I read up on it a lot and it sounds like something to try. I watch what I eat already, go to the gym at least 2 times a week and I still gained weight which always happens unless I’m standing on my feet […]


I have been reading past posts and I have seen a lot about the B-complex vitamins. Tonight I went and bought myself some so hopefully this will help me with losing weight. Would some of you ladies that have taken them please let me know if it worked for you and how long it took […]

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If you are taking the b-complex pill. have you seen a difference in your mood? It seems like ever since I started taking it I have become really bitchy towards my hubby and kids. It seems like every little thing my kids do just drives me insane when it never use to. Do u think […]


OK so my husband and I have watched the advert about 10 times for P90X. He has friends that swear by it. I went ahead and bought it because he is like oh I want it and then goes back and forth so I just bought it because I know he wants it. SO has […]


I hate hate hate hate the gym. Did I mention hate it? Unless I’m with a partner, which is never, I can’t stand to go in one. I hate the smell and all the scary equipment and I always feel so self-conscious. So I want to work out at home but have no idea what […]


I was wondering what I need to do to Detox my body. I have been trying for 3 months to lose weight and I have only lost 2 pounds – that’s ridiculous! If anyone’s done it please let me know how thanks! Answers: I did a whole body cleanse a few months ago and I […]