Anyone Tried Resveratrol? Does It Work?

resveratrolI ordered some resveratrol and it should be here next week. I read up on it a lot and it sounds like something to try. I watch what I eat already, go to the gym at least 2 times a week and I still gained weight which always happens unless I’m standing on my feet 8 hours a day working somewhere. Which I am not right now b/c it’s summer and two of my kids are hospital bound sooner or later for things. So I am home mostly except 4 hours a day when school is in session, I work in the school kitchen.

I’ll post how I’m doing on this stuff. I never take diet pills and I don’t go on diets. I just walk or watch what I eat.

But when I work out or cut back on food, I gain weight! I’ve gained 20 lbs in a few months now! all I’ve done different is work out! and just in the last few weeks I’ve really pushed myself at the gym! it really sucks! I am striving for 120lbs in the next year.


They say “muscle weighs more than fat” so if you’re working out and gaining weight it may be because you are converting fat in to muscle. Resveratrol? What is this a diet pill? was it pricey? what does it do (or claim to do)

It’s from the skin of the grape and blueberry which is an antioxidant and weight loss something or other. I haven’t read anything bad on it except that Oprah and Dr Oz never endorsed a specific brand of these pills. I ordered some for free trial and it states to cancel the order within 15 days after placing the order or your credit card will be charged. So I did and I cancelled the debit card for peace of mind, won’t do that again but you can buy it at a health store I think, just use 150-500 mg to make it take effect and take it daily.

That’s all I’ve read so far some journalist took it and lost weight in a week but two guys she asked to take it lost more weight in the week, like 11lbs. So I’m going to take it daily since I have 30days of it and then in two weeks if I’ve lost weight, I’m 195 now, if I lose any then I know it works and it is not a diet pill, you don’t change what you eat unless you want too, and I do.