Buying Phentermine (Adipex) Online?

AdipexHas anyone purchased Phentermine, Adipex or the generic online without a prescription? Was it a scam and did it work? I am thinking about doing this.


I have read about this and was thinking about buying it also. Anyone tried it? I am very curious!

I purchased the phen-d last week and have been on it for a week now and its slowed down my appetite and given me the get up and go I needed but its still too early to tell BUT I will say this DO NOT OVER DO THE CAFFEINE it made me so irritable that I couldn’t stand myself so I don’t drink it while I’m taking these pills but so far they seem to be worth the money. I’ve tried other things and they did nothing with this at least I can tell an increase in energy and a slight decrease in appetite

Hi I did order Phentermine online I lost 45lbs in 3 months and it worked I took one pill and it was a huge help the only problem with taking these pills you gain your weight back it you don’t stay dieting and of course I didn’t and gain it all back! But am going to do it again its been a year I never felt better in my life!

What site did you order them from and how much were they?