Do Acai Berries Help You Lose Weight

acai-berryOk I have not taken a diet pill since 2002. Before I started back to Weight Watchers I got this email for a free trial for these Acai Berry pills and like a dumb a** I got them and paid the shipping and even cancelled before the allotted time, But I still got charged £48 for these.

So now I have this bottle of pills that I paid a small fortune for and I know WW’s is against taking pills But since I already have them and I’m going on vacation the 2nd week of June I was wondering if anyone has taken them, if it works or if it makes a bit of difference? I’m not trying to speed up the process but if I can get some excess off before I have to buy a new swimsuit, that would be awesome.

So basically, I’m needing to know if it will help and how it makes you feel or if their are any weird side effects involved before I do take them. granted I’ve paid for them I hate to see them just sit here and collect dust. Thanks so much in advance.


From all I understand about them, the pills don’t really have enough of the acai berry stuff to really make any difference. I don’t have personal experience with them so someone that has taken them can probably offer more practical information.

Personally I wouldn’t take them.

I’d probably end up selling them on ebay.

I guess I got lucky cause there was a scam with those pills and the fact they keep charging you and you have to cancel your card to get them to stop charging you every month (it was on the news) but I ordered them and cancelled they never made me send the bottle back and they didn’t charge me.

Anyway to your question:

I notice a difference from when I take them and when I don’t. But I do not think it’s worth the price for the small difference I do notice. I think if you have them take them. it’s natural so it won’t be harmful…you paid for it might as well use it.

Yeah I don’t think they are worth the price either and since I paid $56 (shipping and the bottle) I figured it cant hurt to try them, so I started them yesterday. I look at it this way, I’m not using it to get to goal just helping along until time to go on vacation. Thanks Y’all