Do B-Complex Vitamins Work?

b12I have been reading past posts and I have seen a lot about the B-complex vitamins. Tonight I went and bought myself some so hopefully this will help me with losing weight. Would some of you ladies that have taken them please let me know if it worked for you and how long it took etc.


I take 2 b’s everyday and drink with tea. The 2 together seem to be working to eliminate a lot of waste really don’t seem to have any more energy like everyone else says but I’m trying.

My energy level lifted the first day I started taking them. I am addicted, lol! I have not scaled yet. will do that next Friday again!

It gives me so much energy – I love it! As far as losing weight, the B-Complex alone did not help. But a month later I’ve cut back how much I eat and what I eat and that’s helped the weight start coming off. 10 pounds lost in 3 weeks!

I love it. I take 3 every morning. its says take one but someone on here said they take 3. I think I’m loosing a lot of the vitamin. the pharmacist says if you take more than directed you will just loose it when you urinate anyway, but it has made me feel great and so I am going to continue taking 3. I’ve lost about 6 pounds since taking it in about a 3 weeks.

I started taking 3 a day almost a week ago now and I’ve lost 2 lbs. No more energy but I’m also going through some other medical stuff so hopefully once that is straightened out I’ll get the energy kick too!