Has Anyone Heard of XPEL

xpelI ordered some Smartburn with Hoodia off of Ebay since they are cheaper on there and I’m seeing results with them. Anyway, I received a free bottle of XPEL with them. I’ve never heard of these pills, it’s supposed to help you lose water weight, something along that line. Your supposed to take 4 pills in the morning with 16oz of water and then again in the afternoon.

I looked it up and didn’t see much about them, only a few reviews of people saying that they were nausea until about an hour after taking them. I’m not going to take them or open them as I don’t know what they will do for me, and I’m happy with my other pills, just wanted to see if anyone heard of them or tried them. They are herbal pills I think.


Nope sorry, haven’t heard anything about them, but you said the smartburn are working? How long have you been taking them? How much are they?

I’ve been taking Smartburn with Hoodia for about a month now.

They are £12 a bottle at Amazon. you take 2 pills 3x’s a day. I only take 2 pills 2x’s a day just because I don’t have time to eat lunch. YOu eat 30-60 minutes after taking them, and if you don’t eat, you do get a little headache, so you just can’t take them and not eat, other then that I have no problems with them. I bought 2 boxes on Ebay for £22.