How Do You Get Your Doctor To Prescribe You Diet Pills?

diet pillsIf any of you went to the doctors to see if they would give you diet pills how did you go about it? Are there certain requirements? I would really like to go see about taking something to help me start losing weight but I don’t know if its worth it or not. Thank you for any replies I get in advance!


I recently went to the doctor and he didn’t recommend any of the prescribed diet pills because of the effects they gave you high blood pressure, etc. He did recommend ALLI

My doctor would not prescribe anything. She said it’s too big of a liability for doctors. I did however find a weight loss doctor that prescribes medication. You may have to go that route and pay cash out of pocket.

Just ask around. Most places have a doc who doesn’t mind writing prescriptions for things like that. You won’t be able to be on any antidepressants or blood pressure medication.

My OBGYN is the one who prescribed me adipex. I have been trying to get pregnant for 3years I have pcos and he said if I lost the weight I would probably get pregnant. Well I am not pregnant yet but I have lost 40lbs and my cycles are back on track. I do have to go see him every 4 weeks and check my weight and BP and he also ask when my last cycle was. I didn’t ask it was him who told me about it and to think about it. So I did and went back and got it. I have no regrets.