Is P90X Any Good?

p90xOK so my husband and I have watched the advert about 10 times for P90X. He has friends that swear by it. I went ahead and bought it because he is like oh I want it and then goes back and forth so I just bought it because I know he wants it. SO has anyone tried this? Is is hardcore? Am I gonna die?


I actually have it. I’m still on phase I but let me tell you the first day I thought I was dying and the next day I was so sore. I have done it 10 times since, alternating between the cardio sweat and the sculpting. I am not sore any longer except some days the sculpting still kicks my butt because of all the lunges and squats. When I started I could barely do 5 push-ups. Now I am able to do about 30, broken up in 3 segments. So yes, I would def recommend it. I have been doing Weight Watchers, too, and have lost 15 pounds so far. Definitely get it a try and STICK WITH IT! If you need any help, you can always PM me.or if you just need some motivation!

Awesome. Yea I just need to lose 15 lbs but I want to tone and lift everything more than losing weight. So I am glad I got it. DH is a huge fitness guy but doesn’t go to the gym because he wants to be around the kids as much as possible, so I figured this would be perfect!

We got it about a week ago. We have stuck to it which is the amazing part. We push each other, make sure that we get up and do it. We are following the eating plan and the way they have it laid out. Like Day one you do the arms and shoulders, the next you do back and so on, I am not a fish eater, but I want to lose the weight and look like i did in high school, so i will do anything. In the week that we have done it i have lost like almost 10 lbs already. DH wont let me do the lean version. he says that i have to lose the flabby arms and jello legs before i can move to the lean version, so we are doing the classic version right now. Good luck ladies need any help with anything just PM me.

One of my best friends was telling me about how she got it and within a month of doing the P90X and changing her eating patterns she lost 14 pounds in ONE MONTH! I’m going to get it because I need to loose weight too. I go to the gym but only 3 times a week so hopefully this will help as well! Good Luck!