Using Herbalife While Breastfeeding To Lose Weight

hlI was looking online for some thoughts on how to get in shape, (besides the old stand by of diet and exercise, I know they are the BEST) and found this website Since I am breastfeeding and very careful about what I take I am very cautious of all supplements and such without a good source backing them. Well this site says it is for breastfeeding mums and that the supplements are ok and promises great weight loss and inches lost through healthy eating of course.

I have taken nutrition classes in school and have read all kinds of books on health, so we already eat pretty healthy, but there is always room for improvement and my weight has really gotten out of hand. I really need something to get me back on track for my health and well-being of my whole family. The site uses herbalife from what I can tell and then you simply eat well at the other meals. A lot of protein, which I am ok with. Exercising much isn’t a good option for me at the moment, but it will be better soon and that will help. Just wondering if anyone out there has seen or heard anything about this website or using herbalife while breastfeeding. Thanks for the info in advance!


I asked my doctor about herbalife, she said she doesn’t know much about to ask someone that sells it if its ok to use lactating. I asked my friend about it who sells it and she said the shakes are safe and the herbal tea and the aloe vera drink, I do know they sell some pills called cellulose you cant take them they will dry up your milk.

I ordered it and am going to try it. I looked a lot online and got some replies to my posts, as well as talking to my friend who is a doctor. Basically there are some items in the herbalife line that are BF safe and some that are not. So if you only use the safe ones you should be fine. I like that the support people at seem to be there for you, so if you have questions you can call or e-mail and they will get back to you. I am excited about it and will see how it goes. I feel like I have been fat for TOO long and am so defeated over it! I just want to be healthy and slim again! Not super skinny, but nice and healthy!

so, the items at that site are definitely breastfeeding safe? what about that herbal weight loss tea they sell. I am just weary of herbs, but need something to curb my appetite. I guess I could just email them again. I did once, but have not made the next step to buy anything just being cautious.

I don’t know for sure about that since I didn’t get that one… but I think it only has a little bit of natural caffeine and I personally and am ok with that unless it starts causing DD some trouble. I am only a little concerned for the moment as she e-mailed me back a lot when I was just looking into it, but I haven’t heard from her since I ordered it and it doesn’t show as shipped yet and I definitely need it by Friday. I even paid extra to have it shipped ASAP. I will let you all know how it goes!