What Is A Cheap But Effective Weight Loss Pill?

375x321_prescription_weight_loss_drugs_ref_guide I have been trying to lose weight for a long time, since the Depo screwed up my system. I have taken Phentermine (won’t take that again, it caused my heart to flutter too much)  but stopped once I got pregnant. I just had my daughter and I am trying to lose all this horrible weight. I am looking for the cheapest yet effective diet pill to help curve my appetite and give me energy. I appreciate all and all help I can get. Thanks a ton!


If your doc will prescribe you phentermine it’s actually about the same price as over the counter stuff.

I have now lost 15 lbs, Its an amazing natural pill, The whole idea is to cleanse the fat from your system after you eat. My cholesterol was at its all time high after my hysterectomy  and when my 6 week rest, don’t move period was behind me I had gained 10lbs, cellulite on the back my legs UGGGGH. I was not looking good or feeling very good. So, here I am 15 lbs thinner sitting in my cut-offs. It’s so amazing! My whole family is on it and they are loosing weight.