What’s The Best Workout Video For New Mums?

jillian-michaelsI hate hate hate hate the gym. Did I mention hate it? Unless I’m with a partner, which is never, I can’t stand to go in one. I hate the smell and all the scary equipment and I always feel so self-conscious. So I want to work out at home but have no idea what kind of work out dvd I want. I have the Jillian Michaels Cardio weight loss dvd. Its really hard but I was wondering if any other mums have used it or is their another dvd they can recommend.


Hey there, I gotta’ recommend ChaLEAN Extreme. This workout ROCKS! I am a 41 yr old mama of 2 and have been working out for years, but my body has kinda’ “plateaud” so I found this and man, is it working! It’s a combination of resistance/strength training and cardio segments. This is truly transforming people. It’s a smart workout and is a 3 month program and so many extras come with it to include eating right manual (this is great education as well as recipes) as well as work out tools. Check out my website (below) as I’m a fitness/nutrition coach and see “my story” as well as go to the products section and click on the Chalean Extreme video to see details of what it is and what it does and let me know what you think. Should you decide to go this route (we can work out together online as we have an online “supergym community” where we all log on and workout “together” in our homes) AND you have the chance to win daily cash prizes by doing this! It’s so cool!

I feel you, I hate going to the gym too, I used the biggest loser and loved it, its the newest one with the guy trainer, I had to stop using it though because my baby would cry whenever it came on! but it was a real workout and it had all the winners from the biggest loser and some “losers”

I think that’s the one I have. I’m so there I need something to make my gut get smaller and my love handles to go away.

I’ve tried so many workout videos. hubby bought me a wii fit and I love it! it gets you motivated and tracks your weight and everything.

I do want the wii fit :) It looks like so much fun!