Activity point deduction question

IMG_7249.jpgI have earned activity points this week. When are they deducted from my points? Will they come off at the end of the week? Do I need to do something so they are taken off?


I don’t know how it works for meeting members. I am an online member and I log in my activity points and I have it set up to use my activity points first, and my weekly points second. If I do end up taking weekly points I will go for a walk and it will automatically put them back.

When you earn activity points you can choose to eat them or choose to not eat them. They are good for 1 week. For example my goal is to earn 28 activity points every week, but I choose to rarely eat them. If I am in a bind and I am out of daily points AND weekly points and I am either hungry or at a special event I will use them. Do you track online or track in a journal/paper? That might help me tell you where to mark them.

I am an online member but I don’t remember having the choice of when to use them. I would like to have them taken off at the end of the week if I would happen to go over my weekly points. How would I go about doing that?

Online should be just set up that way to use your Daily Points first, your weekly points second and your activity points third. They reset each week depending on when your weigh in day is.

I am loving the online program but the website is a little hard to navigate. It took me for me forever to find how to change it and I don’t remember how I found it but it has to be somewhere! LOL Click on activity points and there should be an edit button.

I figured it out. Thanks everyone.