Activity Points Limit

wwlI weigh 195 lbs. Three times a week I do interval training and weight lifting for an hour of high intensity. That’s 8 points each, so 24 total. Well, my doctor recommended that I take a walk on the days I don’t go to the gym (I was complaining about how slowly the weight’s been coming off to him).

Usually I walk for about an hour, at moderate intensity. That’s another four points each for a total of 16. That’s 40 per week. Weight Watchers has a limit of 28. Is the limit just how many you can trade for food points? Or is it the maximum activity you’re supposed to be doing? Because obviously I’m doing more than that!


I am going for the take all so when I exercise I do not add extra pts, I stay within my pt set forward by the test… I want to get it off as fast as I can!

If you aren’t eating your activity points

Then don’t do more than the recommended 28 pts. While I was losing, I walked on days I didnt work out, and on the days I worked out heavy , I ate half of the Activity I earned. Worked for me

We were just told at out meeting, you can work out as much as you want, but can only use 4 points per day… and its daily points. you couldn’t save them… but our leader said she sometimes could earn 8, but really can only have the 4.

I have a problem eating my daily points sometimes

let alone my APs! It used to be really easy, because I’m a sugar addict. But since I started cutting down on my processed sugar intake, I’ve been having some problems eating my daily points. So I definitely don’t want to start having to eat my APs. And I really want to add some pilates on my off days (I used to do it all the time and it was great for my abs), so I’d be earning even more points. The really problem is I’m just too heavy. The same exercise at a normal weight wouldn’t be nearly so many points.

Okay so I know that if you exercise you are allowed to use the points you earned for your workout. I don’t like to because I feel like it’s an excuse for me to eat, but at the same time should we be eating some of those points? The more you workout the more energy you need and you get your energy from food….so what do you think is the HEALTHY thing to do? I’m just trying to figure out what I should be doing. Maybe it depends on how you feel after you workout, I don’t know, let me what you think ladies!

You absolutely need those extra points

just remember not to add more than 4 pts per day. Your body will respond and trust me working out and eating a little bit more can make a difference all around! Happy Holidays and enjoy the extra points!

I don’t usually eat my activity points. You aren’t required to from what I understand. Your choice. Both sides of the argument make sense to me!

I only eat my APs if I need to. If I’m hungry and need to eat and I need to use them…. then yeah, I use them, if not, I don’t.

I only eat them if I really need to! My leader says add up to 2 of them but I have also heard you can add up to 4. I try not to use them cause I feel I’ve waisted a workout. But I tell you what I sure eat those suckers if I’m having a bad day.

You don’t have to eat your activity points.

You aren’t really supposed to unless you need them. If you go on a big hike or something.