Advice on staying motivated

motivation.jpgOk here’s my story: I have been on Weight Watchers for 7 months now on and off, on and off. In total I have only lost 8lbs, my 10% goal is 21lbs and my overall goal is 75-80lbs

I am 216lbs and this is the highest I have ever been! I was 150lbs before I got pregnant and the highest I ever was before I was pregnant was only 175lbs.

I have a long way to go and I know I NEED to do this not only to feel good about myself but for my health. With all this extra weight I have noticed I am having breathing problems and I am also tired and weak all the time having no energy at all.

I have a baby boy who will be a year in 13 days and he is already walking and trying to keep up with him is a problem because I am either too tired or out of breath. I want to be able to play with him when summer time comes at the playgrounds, I don’t want to be the mother sitting on the bench watching my child play.

I know there is no excuse for not sticking to the diet but I NEED help! I don’t know how to stay motivated. I am depressed and upset with myself for letting myself get this way and for using the excuse “ill start again tomorrow” ALL THE TIME!

I REALLY NEED to stick to it this time! I went to a meeting tonight and told myself I will start over for real. As of tomorrow I will be starting again. I already made my food schedule for the day and my DH and I went grocery shopping tonight and bought nothing but healthy food and some very little junk food because my councillor told me not to deprive myself from treats all together. I also set my alarm to wake up before my son does to exercise. I have the motivation today and I’m excited but I need help or advice in KEEPING THE MOTIVATION!


I’m not trying to be crass, just honest.

It is not a diet!

The longer you think of it as a diet the longer it will not work. You have to change the way you view food. You have to change your eating habits for your health. Diets do not work- at least not long term. Until you are ready to eat healthier all the time, for the rest of your life, it will not work. This doesn’t mean you can’t have the occasional dessert, or cheeseburger… it means that can’t be a part of your normal eating habits.

McDonalds, Mac-a-roni and cheese, hot dogs, and all that other “easy dinner” food can’t be the norm. They have to be the rare exception.I realize it is hard with a kid. My daughter is 4, and we use to keep all that crappy kid food around. Now she eats the way we do. She has no choice. She no longer remembers what regular pasta tastes like because we have been eating whole-wheat pasta for nearly 8 months now. And pasta isn’t our complete dinner, it is a side dish. She gets excited if we let her have easy-mac because it is such a treat, not the norm. My husband and I have both battled weight our whole lives. We don’t want our daughter to have to do the same thing. We are raising her with eating habits that are healthy for her, in hopes that food won’t be her friend, but her nourishment. It isn’t easy. It takes lots of concerted effort. Think of your son and how badly he wants to have you around (even if he can’t verbalize it yet). Also, think about the eating habits you are teaching him. He will eat the way he is raised to eat.I wish you much luck. Sometimes it takes falling down a few times before you can walk on your own (much the way your son probably is right now.

I will add a few things.

First of all go back and read your post….you have some clear “whys” in there you are having breathing problems, you cannot keep up with your 1 year old, you are very tired. I mean if this isn’t motivation enough than I have no clue what else can happen to you…..YOU NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT….you need nothing to stand in your way you need to do it and you have to do it. So motivation you need? Well, know now that it is going to be the toughest battle you have ever fought….there is nothing easy about it. You didn’t gain the weight in a day, it ‘aint coming off in a day. This is a LIFESTYLE change….don’t try to change it all in one day, make mini changes and by the end of the road they will be habits. Tomorrow morning when you wake up take your measurements and when the weight isn’t coming off like you think it should measure yourself and watch your inches melt. It took me 3 times on program to do it and I finally got to the point where enough was enough… sounds like you are there. Just lose 2 lbs. When those 2 lbs are off lose 2 more…..don’t think of it as having to lose 80 lbs because you can’t lose 80 until you lose 2.

  • I think the 5% is a great first goal.
  • You CAN do this….but it isn’t going to ‘just happen’.
  • None of us Life-timers got to goal weight because we ‘wanted’ it or ‘hoped’ it would happen….we got here because we sweated, we counted, we drank water, we measured….it is all how much effort you put in.
  • You give 100% and the program will work 100%!
  • You are not going to be perfect ~ none of us are…..but that doesn’t mean you won’t get to goal
  • Just take it one day, one meal, one hour at a time
  • There is NOTHING on this earth like the feeling of seeing your goal weight on that scale….trust me, it is so worth it! Keep us posted and lean on us when you need it!

Both of the previous posters have great advice and I would say the same to you. you have to connect mentally and not just go through the motions. your brain has to decide that you are worth this and that YES- you can do it. in my opinion, getting started is the hardest part. once you start losing, it becomes more noticeable and you will be motivated to lose more.

we have all failed and tried again. I don’t know anyone who has committed one time and bam…the weight is gone. the key is to look forward not back. it doesn’t matter how many times you have failed. all that matters is that you keep trying. make charts for yourself, surround yourself with weight loss materials….go to the library and check out Weight Watchers magazines and books, read everything you can about weight loss and then your brain will be doing what your mouth and body are doing. start out small with exercise. take your son for a walk. chase him around the playground. anything helps. remember to eat for nutrition and a little bit of fun not vice versa.

You can do it. set mini goals.

tell yourself you need to lose 10 lbs and then keep repeating! and best of all, find a weight loss buddy who will check in on you a lot and go to Weight Watchers meetings with you. I think the meetings are invaluable. try to find a friend at the meeting….someone you can buddy up with. GOOD LUCK! Weight Watchers does work.

I hear you! Motivation is key! And its hard when you only see 2-3 lbs a week coming off and all your negative thoughts seem to filter their way in at some point.

I’ve been on Weight Watchers on and off for ~6 years and your story is similar to mine.

This is one of my favourite quotes about motivation that I’ve come across: “It’s important to remember that motivation doesn’t just happen. It’s something you make happen each and every day. ”

Learning from my past mistakes has really helped me. I have found what works for me and I stick with it (I do my best). I throw out what doesn’t. I try to follow the advice of lifetime members. I load my kitchen with point friendly foods, fruits, vegetables. I try to make good choices and I visualize what its going to be like when I reach goal.

“No matter who you are, no matter what you do, you absolutely, positively do have the power to change.”-Bill Phillips

Just believe in yourself! You can do it. If I can do it, so can you.

I can’t add much to what the previous posters have said, but I agree that you put your motivation in your post. My children where a HUGE motivation for me to lose the weight – I hate the idea of not being able to run and play with them. When Matthew asks me to slide with him I want to fit on the slide! And not to be really negative, but I want to be around for them for a LONG time…my health has to be a priority. I want to be healthy and live long enough to meet my great-grandchildren. (I’m only 32 so I hope to have a long way to go before this!) If I don’t change NOW when will I change? Next year could be too late.

Honestly, you have stated the reasons you need to lose weight – that *should* be motivation enough, but that doesn’t mean it is easy. It will be hard. You will have days that you want to beat yourself up because you ate more than you should, but you can’t let those days hold you back. You have to pick yourself back up IMMEDIATELY and get back on the program. None of that “I’ll do it tomorrow” business. Ultimately, I was obese for years and couldn’t find motivation to take action until somehow last year…it just hit me that I HAD to do something! Good luck – I hope you find your motivation!