Are The Meetings Worth It?

ww-meetingRight after my son was born, I instantly lost 18 of the 32 lbs I gained while pregnant. Halfway there right? WRONG! He was 2 months old when I left my retail job for a desk job. And even though I really am not a big eater, I gained weight! But I’m eating less calories a day than I did at my retail job. I understand that its because I’m sitting all day. I simply have NO time to make it to the gym.

By the time I get home cook dinner, give the baby a bath and put him to sleep, all the gyms anywhere near me are closed. I want so bad to join Weight Watchers, but the centres near my home have meetings early in the morning or while I’m still at work or heading home from work. I don’t know what to do! I’m afraid that if I sign up online, I have no real motivation. I have a points calculator, and a menu book since my aunts been on Weight Watchers forever, should I just use that or are the meetings really helpful?


WW online is offering the free week right now-give it a try.

I’ve been online only since I started, and I really love it because whenever I need help, it’s right there at your desk. The message boards are always busy, and you can get tips and advice from all the others WWers. They also send a weekly e-newsletter, and the site is loaded with food and exercise info.

I’ve done the online pretty exclusively and it works when you stick to it. I tried the meetings and honestly, they just weren’t my speed. I like the online system because it’s really easy to track your points, there’s a huge web community for support, and they have great recipes and workouts right at your finger tips. I’m a SAHM and don’t have £££s to go to a gym, so I use their exercise routines right in my living room. I did online exclusively a few years back and lost 60 lbs. I’m back to it after giving birth and have lost 5 lbs in about 2 weeks.

I’ve been really bad about not doing the weight watcher, I have a cook book and everything, and it probably has dust on it, because I don’t like to cook. I just had my son 9 months ago, I lost all my preg weight from him, but I ended up gaining 10 pounds. I guess I should start my pilates

Actually, I had a doctors appointment, just to see where I was and make decision from there. Turned out I misc. at 9 weeks…and whatever you’re referring to with my SO- well I don’t know bout that so I know the weight isn’t because of this.

When I was a teen I did WW on my own because couldn’t afford meetings. But nearly 20 years later I knew I needed the accountability of weekly meetings. I was blessed with an hsa, and can afford weekly meetings. It has really helped me. My younger sister has been doing Weight Watchers through their online program. She’s been paying for it for months, but with no weekly meetings to hold her accountable, she is easily distracted, and has only gained weight.

I understand where you’re coming from.

I lost about 45 pounds before I got pregnant. I only gained about 25 pounds while pregnant, (my son came 10 weeks early) and I looked pretty good after I gave birth. Well, he’s a year old now, and I weigh more now than I did when I was 7.5 month pregnant! I tried doing Weight Watchers on my own for a while, but like the other posts said, I wasn’t accountable. I flip flopped and then just said forget it. I’m back at meetings now, and am doing pretty well. Plus it gives me an hour out of the house. . . all on my own!