Artificial Sweeteners With Weight Watchers

splenda2 questions!

First, any Splenda users here? I’ve never really used it. I’ve heard good things and bad things and just wondered what others though. I’m seriously missing my sweet tea!

Second, I have a Wii and have been thinking about getting a Wii Fit. What does everyone think…does it actually work you out or is it just fun? I’ve got enough money for it but I’m also saving for a new camera. What’s all your thoughts on it and maybe good games to go with it. I saw the Jillian Michaels one but have heard people say it’s not any good.


You don’t have to use artificial sweetener unless there’s a medical reason.

we use Splenda for all kinds of things.

We don’t use real sugar any more. Our doctor said it was fine. As with all things, moderation is the key! You will always hear good and bad things. Heck, even the food pyramid was all wrong until the government updated it recently!

I love Splenda!

I put it in my coffee and I like it on strawberries. I haven’t baked with it yet.

I bought Wii fit a few weeks ago. My kids love it. I haven’t had a chance to use it yet, but from what I see the kids doing on it, it does work you out.

First, I am not a big fan of Splenda, especially in sweet tea! It leaves a strange after taste, and is just kind of weird.

As for the Wii fit. I have it and really enjoy it. And yes, it really does work you out. But if I were choosing between that and a camera, I would go for the camera. My daughter is almost 2, and I have a hard time finding time to use my Wii when she’s awake, because she really just gets in the way. So the only time I can really use it is when she is sleeping.

Oh, and the Jillian Michael’s Wii game is compatible with the Wii Fit board, but not sure if you have to have the board or not.

I know. I just try not to drink my points. I am a snacker so I save my points for meals and snacks and pretty much drink water and diet coke. I thought maybe Splenda would be an option

I’ve heard some things about Splenda that aren’t so great. It is a chlorinated sugar alternative that actually when it comes down to it, you’d ingest less chlorine and chemicals eating pesticides than an equal amount of Splenda. For that reason, we have chosen to use Stevia extract as our artificial sweetener. It is all-natural and costs about the same as Splenda does. There’s a new brand that hit the market in January called Truvia and right now they are having big promotions to get people to try it so it is pretty cheap.

As for the Wii Fit, I like it but it is more fun than exercise for me. Really like the yoga though! I’d probably find more value in a new digital camera than the Wii Fit. And the Jillian Michaels game is HARD!