Calculating How Many Points In A Meal

SpamI’m making Spam, green beans and potatoes. I used Asda brand instead of the name brand because I’m cheap like that. Well, I look up spam on the recipe builder and it has ’35′ points for the can. But when I take “protein, carbs, fiber, and fat” from the back of the can, multiply each by 6 (the number of servings in the container), and THEN calculate it on my calculator, getting the number ’32′. Now, it’s ONLY 3 points difference in the entire recipe. BUT which should I go by?


I’ve always thought you are supposed to use the nutrition info if you have it, so the lower point value.

I always error on the side of caution and use the higher point value.

Is it the same size can on recipe builder as you own? Use the nutritional label on the can you have in front of you.

I put 12 oz. which was the size of the can.

I decided to go with the label since it was right there.

I always go by the label since it will have the correct nutritional values. Weight Watchers may only have certain brands available and the nutritional values may be slightly different.