Can Someone Explain Zero Point Foods?

Weight-Watchers-Zero-Points1Why is it, that if you eat 2 of something that is 2 points each, it is 4 points right? BUT I bought the 0 point progresso soup this weekend and it is 0 points PER serving, and there is 2 servings per can. I added up 2 servings on the back of the can with my point calculator, and 2 servings came to 2 points!! Why is it that if you eat 2 servings of 0 points, it comes to 2 points? I have recently lost 70 lbs, I’m trying to loose the last 50, when I think I’m eating 0 point soups, etc. but all in all. I’m eating points. can anyone help?


Because there is a range on the points slide. Some things fall close to 1 point but remain 0 points. But if you double or triple the servings, it moves it further up the slide. You always have to multiple the calories and fat by the number of servings and re-figure on the slide, but the most you can count for fiber is 4. Just multiplying the points by the servings is what gets a lot of people in trouble and they are actually eating more points than they’re accounting for.

It can be confusing. You cannot double the point value of something to figure out what two of it would be. You must look at the nutritional info on the label and double the calories and fat and use your points slider to figure it that way. See example:Calories, Fat and Carbohydrates in Soups: Light, Italian-Style Vegetable Progresso Serving Size: x cup (8.5 oz) can (1 lb 2.5 oz) oz g Nutrition Facts Calories 60(Kilojoules 251) % DV Total Fat0 g0% Sat. Fat0 g0% Trans Fat0 g Cholesterol0 mg0%Sodium820 mg34%Total Carbs.14 g5% Dietary Fiber4 g16% Sugars4 g Protein2 g Potassium340 mg Note: A dash indicates no data is available.If you double, the calories become 120, 0 fat, and 4 fiber (you cannot exceed 4g of fiber), hence it becomes 2 points. This rule applies to everything. You cannot just double points. Another example is Thomas light english muffins. They are 1 pt each, but if you eat 2, it becomes 3 points. So, you have to be careful.