Confused By Weight Watchers Online E-Tools

weight-loss-method-online-small-30859I had been WW online through my mum (long story but she paid and I used her account an her computer crashed soon after she began) but since it wasn’t “my” account I did not want to record the info. online.

Now I’m doing the monthly pass (meetings + online). I came home the night I started and entered my weight and it ran my week from Thursday to Wednesday. The problem is that I didn’t start recording until Friday. Now yesterday I weighed in “for the first time” (with a 2 lbs loss) I did something and it moved my week to Friday to Thursday for the journal but the weigh-in is off… it is asking me to record my weigh-in today but I did that yesterday because when I set it up I said that I weight-in on Thursday.

How do I match them up? Or are they not supposed to? I am confused by their online E-Tools. I want the week to go from Friday to Thursday and I will weigh-in on Thursday evenings.


  1. Log on to WW
  2. Look at the top and click on My Profile.
  3. It will ask you to enter your password.
  4. Look for the section in the middle of the page that says MY PLAN.
  5. The last option in that is Weight Tracking Details.
  6. Click on that and you can pick the day you want your weigh in to be.

Thanks; I think that’s where I went to move the week but I’ll go back and see if I can get all of it aligned.