Counting Points Value For Olive Oil

olive-oilI know your suppose to get two servings of olive oil a day with the good health guidelines. My question is are you suppose to count the points value for them? If you are I’m sad. I don’t want to waste pts on olive oil when I could be using zero point cooking spray.

Update: Well I asked my weight watchers leader about it at this weeks meeting and she said she didn’t know and looked in the week one book and didn’t find it there. She said she would find out for sure for me but she said that she didn’t think I had to count it. She said to ask her again this coming week and she would have a definite answer for me.


Pretty much yeah…you are supposed to count the points. I think it stinks too!

How I use my two servings of this oil is in my salad. I load on lettuce, peppers, cucumber 6 small sliced black olives and any other veggie I want) and then add the oil. I try to eat this daily, and they are just for the oil.

Wow that does stink!

I counted the pts for it tonight….. didn’t make much of a difference thank goodness though.

It seemed like I ate and ate and still had a bunch of pts left. its funny because I have been finding it hard to eat all my points this week, yet last week I ate almost all of my weekly points and was struggling. its weird how the weeks vary.

Yes you count it unless you follow the Simply Filling technique. Your body needs the oil. Why does that make you sad? You aren’t ‘wasting pts’ you are giving your body what it needs. Wasting pts is filling your body with crap! 2 tsp of healthy oil is good for you! Weight Watchers is not about replacing everything we eat with 0 point foods and eating as much as we want. It is about learning how to satisfy yourself with correct portions and healthy food.