Curves Plus WW?

curvesI’m just curious about Curves.  Are any of y’all doing it along with Weight Watchers?  I walk (and attempt to run) 6 – 7 days a week, but I want something to amp up my routine!  I can’t really afford another program, but it’d be nice to have that trainer rooting me on!  I’ve checked out their website, but it doesn’t give any info about costs/fees.


I did Curves for a year or so in the last town I lived in,

it was a good workout, but I was much heavier and it was all I did.  Now I run, lift weights, take aerobics classes, and frankly I think I would be bored going to Curves again, but that is because I am so much more fit now and I LOVE variety.  I think it cost $30 something a month, if I remember right….same as lots of gyms around me and like I said, I live the variety of going to a fitness centre. Good luck.

I actually was a trainer at curves and did Weight Watchers just before I started working there.

I think curves is fun and a great way to lose weight. A lot of the women that worked out there were also on ww. It costs about the same or a little bit less than an average gym. It easy because the machines are set to show you exactly where you need to go and it works all the muscles with cardio in between.  You can probably go to one near you and get a free workout. Good luck!