Daily Accountability Partner

accountabilityThe past 5 days have been some bad choices for me. Geeze why is loosing a measly 16 pds seem to be a marathon and a never ending journey. I started out needing to loose 16 now I need to loose only 14. I messed up i have been doing Weight Watchers for now 6 weeks. I completely botched 1 week and now I have botched the past 5 days. So I decided today I was going to get back on track.

My biggest issue is eating late at night. My second is exercise and my third is water. So. I have challenged myself. 8 weeks. 8 weeks to work hard at this and see how many inches I can loose. I know I can loose all this in 8 weeks if I work at it. And who cares if at 8 weeks I still have another 2 or 3 pounds to loose. At least I know I fought it out. So is there anyone that I can talk to daily just to check up on me kinda be an accountability partner. We can just pm each other for the next 8 weeks and cheer each other on? Anyone?


I am so in your boat, I did really well at the beginning of summer and blew it since last Friday. I just gave up unfortunately. I want to start back again but everyday I blow it and then I am just like okay I will just eat whatever and start tomorrow. Trouble is I have said I will just start tomorrow since last Friday. I will be glad to be your accountability partner.

I’m in

If you could use more then one I’m in. This is my sec time doing WW. Last year I did really good. This year not so much. Things have been a lot more stressful for me and I’m a big time stress eater. I find my self eating for no reason at all. Just to eat. I might not even care for what I’m eating. Here lately I’ve started to do a little better but man I would have never thought losing weight would be this hard for me. I know my problem is I need to get off my butt and work out but, dang it I have just been so lazy. I do play softball 2 nights a week but that’s it. Well maybe we can help each other straighten up our act. It’s worth a shot right?

Me too

I’m with you. I started out really well and lost 14.2 lbs, then I fell off the wagon Memorial weekend and have been STRUGGLING since. I don’t know how to get my crap together. I don’t know how to get the motivation back. I’m annoyed with myself and quite crabby about it! I’m a stress eater. I’m an emotional eater. All of which I’m going through. About to have surgery again on Friday. For the 3rd time all dealing with a tumour that was taken out for the first time a year ago April! *long story* Anyway, it felt so good to lose weight… I’m only up a couple lbs from my losing 14, but still. It’s so hard to get back into the mind frame! I need to track and I need to portion control. If I could do that. I’d be making progress!

What’s the hurry?

I hate to tell you, but timed goals are self-defeating, so you’re better off just working the program because none of us has the control to lose x per week. Your body will lose when it loses, but following the program will definitely make it happen.It’s also harder to lose a small amount of weight. When you have under 20 lbs to shed, it just naturally comes off more slowly, so don’t be shocked if it takes a few months.

I too have hit the quicksand!

I have lost 18 lbs since the beginning of April but have only managed to maintain for the last 3 weigh ins. I suppose that’s not bad but I just can’t seem to get re-motivated to finish up the last 15 lbs.I’m still working the program, just seem to be tired of the program at the moment. I guess I’m also looking for that little extra nudge from someone who also “gets it”. Thanks to all for being here!

in the same boat too. started out like gangbusters in May, did ok till about the middle of June and have been down hill since. I keep trying to get back on track, not doing so well lately though

Portion control

I have been on weight watchers going on 4 weeks I have lost about 7 pounds. My only hard times is on the weekends, Monday through Friday I am good. One thing that I have noticed is this is not a diet, this is making your learn to eat right and portion control. You may want to lose a few pounds, and after you have lost those pounds, what then? Will you get off Weight Watchers and start going back to your old habits? You will gain it all back. You have to learn in incorporate this healthy eating for your whole life in-order for it to work and keep the pounds off. Starting walking 10 minutes a day and work your way up.If you do not learn this is for life you will never keep the pounds off! If you keep with it there is always success at the end and you will like the results!