Does Online Weight Watchers Work?

weight_loss_onlineHello, I was wondering if anyone  does the online Weight Watchers? If so, do you find it is working well for you online? I have gone to meetings before, but was considering joining the online WW and would appreciate any comments you can give me.



I go to Weight Watchers meetings.

For me, personally, it’s an accountability thing. If I know I have to step on that scale at the meeting and be accountable for any gain/loss, I will try harder. If I’m doing it at home or just online, it’s just a number on a screen and I feel like as long as no one knows I gained, its no big deal. I KNOW I will not put 100% in doing it just on the internet.That being said, I think it depends on you and your personality. If you can commit to losing weight using just the online tools, then go for it. But I think people who attend meetings lose 30% more weight than people who don’t (I think thats the figure).

Hello! I’ve been doing WWO since Jan. 2010

and it has been great for me. The message boards are really helpful and help keep me accountable. I think you just have to decided for yourself what works for you…I am a SAHM and don’t get out as much as I’d like. My husband works as a teacher and a football coach so he’s not around much to watch the kids so I can go out. So far, this is working well for me. I’ve lost about 32 lbs and have been working out a lot(I’ve started running for the past two weeks and feel great). Good luck :)

I love it for checking the points for different foods and keeping track of my points. I lost 8 pounds the first few months, but personally have a hard time sticking to it. I think that would be the case if I went meetings too though!

I do both and really you’re pretty much paying for both, so why not? I like the support from the meetings but there is so many good things online, like recipes and message boards, and you find just about ANY food and the point value online…. I really like it and couldn’t live without it!

This is my third try at WW.

I do both, the weekly meetings are very helpful, the weigh-in keeps my accountable-and the on-line makes it easy to write everything everyday and keep track of points. I am succeeding this time, where I didn’t before. Do whatever you think will work for you, just start doing something.

I still go to the meetings and weigh in.

I need to know someone besides me is seeing that scale! I do the online Weight Watchers for tracking points and I LOVE recipe builder. I do find, however, that I don’t track my points like I should on the website. Before I was pregnant, I wrote them down in the journal, and I was obsessive about it. Now, it just seems like such a hassle to record it online. It takes longer in my opinion, and I just don’t have that kind of time. DH does his online, and he loves it. Do it, though, if for no other reason than to use e-tools and save a little money. It is cheaper to do the monthly pass thing.