Feeling Hungry On Weight Watchers, What Should I Eat?

hungryI just started WW last week. I feel hungry a lot, I was just wondering if there were some foods you can eat that were filling.


Anything high fiber and/or high protein.

Make sure you’re getting plenty of both…. it’ll keep you fuller longer. Apples are good and filling: bananas, low fat/cal granola bars are good. I use Special K Protein water to tide me over in the afternoon between getting home from work and dinner being done.

I hear ya!

I feel hungry a lot too. I’ve done Weight Watchers 3 times, all after pregnancies. so I’ve been in search of things that are filling and apples don’t fill me up. I like to eat the low fat beans 1/2c = 1pt and I think 4g of fibre? on the carb balance tortillas that are 2pts ea, but have I think 6g of fibre ea? I barely sprinkle pre-shredded cheese on it (maybe 1pt). it’s filling and low pts. another I like is I found some chilli that is 6pts for 1c and put it on toast. if you find a low cal/fat high fiber bread it will only be 1pt ea.

I also get the canned baked potato soup, very filling, and the whole can is 8pts. a great one I just found is chew granola bars by fibre one. they are about 2pts ea, but I think have 9g of fibre ea and are a great snack to hold you over that is pretty filling and low pts. Also if I get hungry and don’t have tons of points left I will drink a hot beverage, it takes time to drink it being hot and usually by the time I’m done my mind has gotten off of food :) hope that helps.

I’ve done WW several times and had great success. I just didn’t stick with it after I lost, anyways. I started again last week. One thing I’m doing different and seems to help with the hunger is WATER.Lots of water. Never did that before. I stay full longer, don’t have the edge so much.