Flex vs Core

Flex vs CoreI am pretty new to Weight Watchers and haven’t heard about the core. What is the difference between the two?


Flex is the program most do; it’s based on eating a certain number of “points” for your weight. Core allows you to eat “as much as you need to feel satisfied (not stuffed!)” of certain foods you can learn about from attending a free meeting. www.weightwatchers.com/util/mtf/index.aspx


With Flex you are allotted a certain # of points per day to govern your intake plus a Weekly Point Allowance (WPA) of 35pts per week. It allows you to eat ANYTHING as long as you stay w/i your points, keeping in mind portion size.


With this plan, portion control is not so much an issue. As long as you are eating items on the list (or items with a check mark next to them) you may eat as much of those items as you wish. If you are on the core system, any time you eat in item that is not on the list (or check marked) these points are deducted from your WPA.

For instance, if all day I ate my meals and snacks according to the core plan but that evening was craving chocolate and had a 100cal pack of fudge strip cookies (2pts), I would deduct those points from my WPA.

However, if I’m following the flex system, I reach the end of my day and realize I’ve only eaten 18pts, I have 2 pts left over for a snack. So I can have the 100cal pack of cookies and not deduct from my WPA.

I use the flex point plan b/c it works better for me. However, if running can’t get me off this plateau, I may switch to the core plan so I can start losing weight again (just until I reach my goal). I do well maintaining on the flex plan. Hope this is clear and helpful.

I’d like to clarify one thing from your information. You can’t eat as much of those items as you wish. You eat those items until you are satisfied, not stuffed. But, you can eat almost all of the Core items every meal of the day if you wish (other than a few specific items that are allowed only one meal a day).

Thank you all for responding.

I do the flex plan, but didn’t know about the core. So is it more for trying to lose weight and flex is maintaining the weight? I wonder if I should switch?

Not really. It’s just a matter of personal preference. Some folks aren’t so good at keeping track of their points so the the plan works better for them. They merely have to make sure they eat Core foods only.

What you may want to do for a few weeks is stay on the Flex plan. Then pull out your journals from those weeks and evaluate if the majority of the foods you eat are on the Core list or not. If they are, you’d probably do better to switch to Core but if they aren’t, Flex might be better for you.

Flex after pregnancy

I had my son a little over a year ago, I got on Flex when he was about 6 weeks old and I was breastfeeding. It helped me get down to pre pregnancy weight really quick by 6 months pp I was down to my pre pregnancy weight. My body always plateaus around 185 lbs. I stayed on Flex and it personally did not work for me because I would save up my points so that I could eat ice cream or pizza and I just could not lose weight staying within my points. So on Tuesday I started Core which so far has been working out great, I just went shopping and plan on trying out some new recipes soon.

  • Core gives me more structure without restrictions hopefully that makes sense.
  • Also with Core foods I feel like I have more energy and I can eat my fruit without worrying.

Do what’s right for you, I would try Flex first and then if you need more structure then go with Core.

That was one of the reasons I switched to Weight Watchers because I felt like I plateaued by calorie counting. I have been stuck at 175 for awhile now.

I will stick with the flex for now and see what that does. Thanks again!

4.6 lbs in 2 weeks

I have been doing core for the last two weeks, last week I lost 4.6 pounds and we will see what my weight loss is this week. I have a much easier time getting in all of my “Good Health Guidelines” while on core. I love flex though, especially when I have events to go to (like weddings) it gives me the freedom to eat what everyone else is eating and still lose weight!

I have done flex since March (lost about 25 lbs.) and this past Sunday switched to core… I weigh in on Sunday officially but this morning I got on scale and have lost 4-6 lbs. I don’t have my journal in front of me to remember exactly. I am having some problems with it because I’m a very picky eater…. I have eaten the same basic meals all week… of course, I ate a lot of the same meals on flex… I know I’m getting in more fruits and veggies… but I’m struggling with the water… in order to have a snack I would make myself drink so much water first. One problem that I have with core is that it’s not really an eat anything plan…. you can eat the meat from the list but you still have to stay within a certain portion size (or at least I did… I gained a lb. the first day I was on it because I ate sugar free pudding made with fat free milk but I ate it as a snack off and on all day and I ate turkey bacon) or at least when I stopped that during the week the weight began coming off.

I’ve been on the flex plan for two weeks and I love it. It allows me a lot more freedom than the other plan, in my opinion, and I can eat more foods that I enjoy.