How Do I Calculate Activity Points?

points2I feel silly asking this but when it comes to activity points or entering them online for example – there is no activity labelled: “walking briskly with weights”. Today for example, I walked very briskly with my son in his sling, he is over 13 pounds and as I was running out of breath walking up hills with him attached to my chest, I began to think that this was the first workout in a long time that really kicked my butt. Is there a way of adding that to my activity points? I know I burned more calories than my pedometer said I did or more than Weight Watchers online calculated that I did but I have no way of knowing. I guess I could add that weight to my pedometer included in my weight but I wish there was a formula (like there is for everything else) for it, any suggestions?


You can create your own activities online,

you don’t just have to use the ones that are already pre-programmed. In the activity points calculator, you just have to input the number of minutes that you did along with the level of intensity (low, moderate, or high) and it will calculate the points for you. You decide the level of intensity.

After you enter in “walking”, you will get a pop-up screen and at the bottom of that screen, you can create your own activity.

Also, I believe that if you burned 100 calories, it is approximately 1 AP.
You can go online to to calculate calories burned in a variety of activities. They have a very wide range of activities to select from – although I’m pretty sure that “walking with an extra 13 lbs” won’t be on there. You may find it useful to calculate other activities in the future.
P.S. — Good for you for getting in that kind of exercise! Way to go!