How Do I Follow The Plan On My Own?

Weight Watchers PlanMy family is having money problems right now, so I cannot afford my meetings or online Weight Watchers. I am trying to do the plan on my own, but it’s so tough. Any ideas on how I can do this until I get some money again to go back?


I did the program a long time on my own with materials from the past.

if you have all the info it shouldn’t be too hard. Buy a small notebook and create your own tracker so you can still track your food and exercise. I started off doing that and then decided to count in my head. that is part of why I stalled. Not that I was counting wrong, I just realistically wasn’t counting everything. Good luck, I know how it feels. I actually rejoined meetings in Oct b/c I had been doing it on my own but got to a point where I was yo-yoing the same 5 lbs. I really think having the accountability helps. oh, also, when I was doing it on my own I also wasn’t as good about making sure to get the 8 healthy guidelines. So be mindful of that too. hopefully they will have sales in Jan and you can rejoin meetings.

I agree, you can do this on your own but you are more likely to lose more and keep it off if you can attend meetings. The PP is right – you need to track every bite, move more, follow the guidelines and you’ll be working the program just as you were going to meetings. Now that being said is there any possible place to cut out some money somewhere else so you can afford meetings? Eating out at all? Or cut back on some groceries?

Can you work more to have bigger pay checks? I don’t know your situation, and I am not judging at all, but working some extra income in to afford meetings will be your best bet. And once you get to goal weight you can attend the meetings for free, so it is so worth it! Money problems aren’t easy….but maybe someone can buy you a membership for Christmas? Do you have family members looking to get you something? Tell them to get you started on Weight Watchers!

The other thing that we started doing was a change jar. Every night we dump our change in from the day and in August we take the change in to take on holiday. We have saved almost £600 in change in a year so it works :) That is more than enough to cover a Weight Watchers membership.

How do the rest of you afford meetings?

I know when I joined Weight Watchers I got a part time job (I am a Stay at Home mum to help pay for it, now Weight Watchers pays me since I am an employee, so it was worth it!

I’ve done Weight Watchers on my own several times, and as a rule I don’t have a problem doing so in short bursts. (In my case, I tend to ditch meetings in the winter — it’s COLD here!!!) Where I’ve run into the problem is over the long term. After a month or two, I start to slack off. Maybe if you stopped meetings for just a few weeks, that would get you through Christmas and the money crunch that comes with it and then go back.

You CAN do it on your own

but like the other poster said you need to be diligent about holding yourself accountable. Maybe find a buddy who wants to do it with you and hold your own “weigh in” every week with that person? When I lost my job and couldn’t really afford it any more, I kept going because I had made Weight Watchers a priority. I just bumped down some other things that weren’t quite as high priority. We switched to generic brand foods, Stopped buying soda and junk food. I cut back our clothing budget and started getting clothes and other household items from Goodwill, Freecycle and other swaps around town. I am part of a really awesome (free) clothing swap that meets once a month. And since it IS the holiday season… why don’t you ask your friends and family for Weight Watchers gift certificates. Then you could use them to buy the monthly pass (a 12-week pre-pay coupon book and then you’d have 12 weeks to figure out how to squeeze out the £s a week again.

Thanks for all your advice!

the encouraging words and good tips will keep me going until I can get back to meetings. I dropped hints to all my family members, and maybe Santa will bring me a Weight Watchers gift!

Do they still have the option to weigh in less often for a bit more money per weigh in? several years ago, my good friend was successful with Weight Watchers by weighing every other week. at that time it was £5 to weigh in each week or £7 if you didn’t do it each week……she did e/o week for £15/month, which fit better in her budget than £25. find out if something like that is an option.

If not, maybe you and a friend could weigh one another and be support for each other. I agree with the previous posts that being in meetings is invaluable and hope that you can find a way to make it work to attend. Whatever you do, though, do something! even a little progress is better than none!

I am joining “online”, it is expensive at first, like £33 for the sign-up fee and first 3 months, but then it is just $12 a month. If you need to weigh in to keep you honest, ask a friend you trust or your mum or someone to weigh you in once a week. I am joining tomorrow, or as soon as I get the £33, part x-mas gift, part birthday gift, LOL… that is where my money is coming from and I wont have to pay again for three months. You get all the ‘tools’ you need and a whole lot more, you just don’t go sit in a meeting every week, but some of the forums have ‘weekly meetings’ and such, you get all the perks, just not the actual meeting.