How Do I Get Activity Points?

apJust wondering what everyone does to get moving? Do you go to the gym? Anyone have a Wii that they work out with? What work out games do you use? Right now I am doing EA Sports ACTIVE 2. I really like it! Anyone else?


I go to the pool several times a week.

Since it is warmer I have started walking several times a week too. We have the wii, but when it is warmer I want to be outside. I use my pedometer to track steps each day.

I have a gym membership but my husband uses it more than I. I have been using a kettlebell at home.

Good for you! I teach water aerobics twice a week.

It is amazing how much of a great work out the water is huh? I’ve been walking with the dog too.

I’ve been thinking of getting a kettlebell. do you have a specific work out you do with it?