How Do I Use Up All My Weight Watchers Points?

ww pointsOkay, so I am having a problem eating all my points in a day. This week I have not eaten all my points each day and I don’t know what I can do to use them up. I have like 7-8 pts a day I can’t figure out what to do with. I am full at the end of the day and I eat small snacks during the day. I know at my first meeting on Tuesday the leader said I shouldn’t go to bed till I have eaten all my pts for the day. Can anyone give me an idea on how to use up my points? The thing is I am still eating a lot of food.

here is an example of my day today:

I ate a bagel with cream cheese for breakfast, had a chicken patty sandwich with Lays lite potato chips for lunch, kiwi for snack, chicken, green beans, and cottage cheese with pineapple for dinner. I know I need to eat another snack tonight but even if I eat something I have in the house for a snack it still won’t use up the 8. I have left for tonight.


Eat a lot more points for breakfast. That’s what I have to do in order to get all my points in.

Thank you I will try to eat more tomorrow for breakfast :)

Or a can of pop with those meals? 3 pts for a reg. Not very healthy, but taste yummy and is easy to use up those pts.

Well, the first thing you should do is go under the FAQ’s and Great Tips page! I will then tell you that if you don’t eat all your points you are going to be in big trouble when it comes to weight loss. You really need to fuel your metabolism to make it work. Sit down before you go to bed and plan your next day….I am not sure how many pts you have but sit down and plan each meal/snack until all your points are used then that is what you eat! No waiting until 7PM to realize you have a bunch of pts left over. Have some eggs or egg beaters with your bagel in the AM add a banana too. For lunch eat a yogurt or an apple with your chicken and chips. With your afternoon snack add 1 oz of almonds. For dinner add a salad with an oz of shredded cheese. You get the idea, if you sit down the night before to plan it out it really gives you a sense of control. I write it in my journal then check off as I eat what is on the list. Much easier than trying to write it down AFTER it is eaten!

  • Add more protein to each meal.
  • Add eggs to breakfast, 2 pts each.
  • Add some more veggies to your meals and perhaps a baked potato or a sweet potato.
  • Try cheese with the eggs.
  • Drink milk. make a smoothie.
  • Add some lite toast with jam for breakfast.
  • Make egg salad with mayo for lunch.
  • Get some lo cal bars to snack on.
  • Add fruit in, eat a 2 pt banana for snack.
  • There’s lots of ways to get more pts.

Thank you all for your replies. I will try to do better starting today.

Will I’m having the same issue as you, I sat down with my leader today after my meeting to look through my food journal and then she made me re-take that quiz that you get in Week 1 and one thing she told me to really think about was the last questions “what do you do for a living” and of course I stay at home…which one of the answers is home maker or something like that, so you get 2 if you answer that…but she told me to really thank about I sit down for most of my day or am I up and cleaning all day long…which of course is no I clean my house in about 1 to 2 hours, so she told me to put down “0″ for sitting, recpit, etc so now instead of 22 points per day I’m gonna get 20 points per day which is find so try re-taking your test and see if that helps also are you working out because if you are then you should be hunger and remember 3 main meals and 3 snacks(healthy snacks) per day.

Others have mentioned this slightly but you don’t list what you are drinking you might want to try drinking ff milk with each meal that is your dairy and each cup is 2 pts. so that would give you another 6 pts. in the day. When I was beginning, I would have enough to drink a glass of milk and eat a bag of 100 cal. cookies (4 pts every night before bed) now 5 months later I don’t have those 4 pts for the night time.

Oh, like pp said, I retook quiz. I teach which they say is 2 but I teach gifted kids in small groups so I sit with them and so I don’t give myself the 2 pts. I say 0 because I sit during the day.

Do you have young children? I remember burning more energy chasing my son than cleaning! LOL! I think I’d give it 2, and maybe even 3 if you do a lot of it.