How Do The Meetings Work?

meetingsI hope this doesn’t seem dumb. I’ve seen mention of week 1 books, etc. I’m Weight Watchers online right now (my mum paid for a set number of months and I think it will be ending soon), With my birthday in January, Valentines in February and anniversary in March I am really considering asking hubby for the money to GO to meetings (while I struggle to figure out sitters). Anyway, I’d like some answers about meetings.

  1. How long is a meeting? Does it vary from night to night?
  2. How does that work if everyone is in a different week?
  3. Is wi before the discussion?
  4. Do you have to stay for the meeting if you have already wi’ed?

Those are the ones which have come to mind first and foremost. I may post some later.



  • They usually last about 30 minutes. Celebrations and discussion.
  • They are given topics to talk about weekly.
  • Weigh in starts 30 minutes before the meet begins.
  • You do not have to stay, but if you’re paying to go it’s worth it.

Will I be lost in the discussion since they started the Momentum Plan in December and I won’t be able to start until the middle of January?

Not at all!

The meeting should just be a lovely experience where you feel supported and get to exchange ideas for what works and commiserate when things aren’t going as well as you’d like.

Doors are open for weigh in 30 minutes prior to meetings start.

  • Generally meetings last 30 minutes, so I’d say set aside 45 minutes for this. Your first visit would take longer though, because of the Getting Started talk.
  • At the Weight Watchers website, you can type in your zipcode and they’ll map out when and where they take place. then just print it out and hang it up in a couple places so you have it handy.
  • The general ones apply to everyone, regardless of what week you are in. However as you weigh in at the scale, they’ll give you the appropriate information based on what week you are in, and if you have questions, you can ask at the scale, during the meeting or afterwards in private with the staff.
  • You don’t have to stay for talks but you do have to weigh in weekly, based on where you are living, you may have to pay a fee for missed weeks., unless you have the monthly pass. They’d have to explain that there at the location you go to.
  • As far as babysitting, most places don’t mind if you bring your child, as long as you can keep them quiet/happily playing, and if they get disruptive, just quietly take them out of the room. In some areas, they have mums and tots meetings. (so its just acknowledged it may get a little loud or distracting)

I know at our meetings, we weigh in first, generally 15 mins to 1/2 hour before it starts, if your new, they will have you fill out paperwork then. Right after that first meet, you will have a beginners group talk where they will discuss the new plan and how to figure points, etc. This can last for about 15 mins-1/2 an hour. From then on out, when I wi, that’s when they hand me that weeks book (the books are based on the # of weeks you have attended, week 2, week 3, etc.), then if you cannot stay for the actual discussion, you will still have the books in hand to go over at home!
I highly recommend meetings if you can attend! But if you can’t, just go wi. Just knowing that I have to face that scale every Monday keeps me on track!

What about if I go on vacation and want to go to the meeting there? Like if I go to see my mum (1 1/2 hours away)… can I go to the discussion there? or does that wi not really count?

If you purchase the Monthly pass, then you can go to any anywhere, any time, unlimited.

You can only weigh in once a week, so if you attend multiple times in a week just explain to the receptionist you have weighed in and show them your card. The only downside to going to a different meeting is your main info is at your regular one, there is a chart kept at the meeting location, but you can have your leader fill your info in when you get back. The Monthly pass is the only option of going to different ones, if you don’t have that and you can’t go to a one you will pay for missed weeks (when Free Registration is not going on).

Not every Weight Watchers region does monthly pass.

We don’t. It isn’t an option. If you miss a week, you have to pay for that week. Even though I go to one specific location, I can go anywhere so long as I pay my weekly fee. I bought 10 weeks of meetings, so I had 10 coupons to present instead of payment. I was allowed to use those coupons.You can subscribe to the etools portion of the online if you are a full member (I am using the free-trial certificate that came in book 1).

I like them because that is where I get some really great food ideas, especially when it comes to substitutions. I also like that if I have been struggling, there is someone there who as been there and done that, and they are always real encouraging. Just in my one alone, there is one gal there who has lost 80 pounds and another who has lost 60! Talk about inspirational! Our leader has lost more than 100 pounds.

No MONTHLY PASS? I am in shock!

I just ran to grab my Staff Newsletter and looked up the Monthly Pass section and it says “Available in all regions”, I guess I just assumed it was right. Are you an at work meeting or at a centre? Maybe that makes a difference. Where do you live? Weight Watchers really needs to know if you cannot purchase a monthly pass, that seems so odd to me.

I do agree about the meetings. I would have been lost without them. I learned so much from fellow members….how to cook different things, substitutions, new products….and yes, everyone is so inspirational. The best thing about Weight Watchers is every employee staffed by them has LOST weight just like the members. When you attend a discussion you aren’t listening to someone preach to you about how to lose weight, you are listening to someone who followed the program and has lost the weight AND kept it off! Now that I am a staff member I miss focusing on just the discussion, but I love the fact that I get one on one with so many members. It is great!